The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 9

I received a call from Jen today. She’s stressed over a guy she met in Denver last weekend. She bumped into him at a Rockies game while standing in line for a craft beer. He’s an attorney in downtown Denver and works medical malpractice cases. I said my dad, Dr. John Simpson, already hates his guts. That is just how dad and everyone else in medicine feel about the subject. Someone, however, has to be the bad guy and sue bad physicians. We don’t have much malpractice in Summit County, Colorado because most folks are realistic and happy to have a physician provider. Dad’s new physician has not worked out and he’s moving back to a big city (wife issues). Thus, my dad is back to working double; but he enjoys medicine considerably. I instructed Jen that if she confronts Dad, inform him that your new beau only litigates really bad guys.

Jen says this guy (Braden) is a blond hair blue eyed athletic type with manners. I told Jen to freeze him, don’t pass go, collect $200 and be honest. Jen subsequently inquired as to what I meant by that statement. I said tell him the truth that you are a skater, skier, athletic (more so than most guys), an alto, and have a stable family background. You want to be treated like a queen and nothing less. Also you need to instruct this wonderful guy that you have multiple sclerosis. You could curl up and be in a wheelchair for life. Despite your athleticism, graceful personality and killer voice, you could die in months if your disease overtakes yourself. Jen was quiet on the phone; but understanding. Most guys if they really like a girl and then eventually love her will look well beyond all the medical stuff. They will love you for who you are as a person. None of us gals are perfect physically and emotionally. I’m personally a mutt with Hispanic and Cheyenne Indian blood. Apparently, all the bad genes have not shown expression (at least not quite yet).

Jen says she’s inviting this hunk of a guy to our Downtown performance at the Arapahoe Basin Ski Lodge this weekend. This should be a ton of fun, and though it is early, a superb method to kick off the upcoming ski season. Jen could live longer and healthier than all of us in Downtown and the new beau. Though it is not critical at this time, the roles can be reversed. If these two love birds become serious, he could just as easily become ill. He may be the one in the wheelchair. Life is not fair. When you feel you have life calculated, things unexpectedly occur (like Mom’s death from pancreatic cancer). Enjoy every millisecond on the planet for all the right reasons. Embrace the good times; and move-on and learn from despairing moments.

Jen asked if she should get this guy a present. I thought that was fairly thoughtful, unique and would be highly appreciated. If he’s a skier (everyone in Colorado skies), then I would purchase a carry ski strap with Velcro. These devices are inexpensive and allow a skier to carry the poles and skies in one nice sensible load. This avoids the uncomfortable heavy shoulder and arm torque needed for a long carry. That would be a killer gift. And of course don’t forget to inform this guy (or I will) that Jen is the choreographer for Downtown. He’ll notice that not only you are nice (present), but well rounded. Jen is totally excited about this guy. They seem to enjoy one another as they talked for three entire innings while sipping on beers.

I’m happy for my very best friend (Jen). My friends from preschool were born and will die with me. We are inseparable emotionally and through our song and dance group (Downtown). We will all endure everyone’s life ups and downs. Downtown is just different; and everyone is Summit County, Colorado understands our friendship. The friendship feeds everything else in life. None of us will ever leave Summit County, Colorado or ourselves. I’m so fortunate; and after Mom’s death the support of my true friends and acquaintances is immense. I’m happy to be back home where I belong. Life for me is the best!