The Colorado Girl Diary II, Day 7

The fishing was tremendous according to Dad on Ten Mile Creek. Though we’ve experienced recent rains, we still have great fishing if you pick your pools where the water has been cleansed. Thus, I want to remain positive regarding all things with Greg. He’s on a supposed sabbatical from the Cleveland Clinic. I really feel he is done there and wants a new life in Colorado again. It is probably with me; but we’ll see. He’s quite happy that Dad and he caught their limit in about 90 minutes and threw a few back into the stream. I’ve made some trout appetizers for supper tonight. We are having a few friends over, some music on the patio and lively non political conversation. I don’t want to get Dad going down the road with either leftist or conservative stints. We all know what is right and there should never be a left or right. Summer is crazy busy with many tourists shopping Fitted Bindings, my store. People are purchasing everything because it’s trendy and possibly me. Our social media contacts continue to grow immensely.

I meet everyone and it’s hard for Boss and I to get through the checking card and chip thing because everyone wants to talk. I feel customers deserve my time and I give internet advice on simple stuff and expect that is one reason why these consumers just keep returning back to our store. Business has been brisk through weekdays and weekends. My hours are extended a little and I’m forced to change at the store if we have a concert that evening. I love what I’m doing and have used my business and music degree to its very reach. Dad feels that I should start up my own company; but I’ll be well compensated by our Asian parent company long term. I feel the partnership we’ve created is excellent. My benefits are superb. Fitted Bindings has an inordinate amount of social media feedback over products and Colorado in general. There’s always talk of expansion; however I’m just not crazy about stretching Fitted Bindings to its limits. We have a great niche in Summit County, Colorado. Elsewhere our business model may be a failure. However, there continues to be expansion talk amongst the brass of the company. I hear only small words. I know I’ll be brought into the business equation; however, the brass of Fitted Bindings knows I’m staying right here in Summit County, Colorado.

Michelle Baringer calls and states that Billy is doing great. Michelle just did a pregnancy test and it was positive. They were counseled due to the cystic fibrosis gene not to have more children. She is near exploding with anxiety and delirium. I calm her down and state I’ll be over for a few minutes right after work – 1930. She wants me now; however I cannot do that. Maybe she needs a sedative (Dad). I already know Dad, everyone’s family doc, won’t treat a pregnant lady with a sedative in early pregnancy. Hopefully, my discourse will help. Her husband, Jay Baringer, is out of town on a building project for the entire week. Michelle needs me asap (now). I’ll do the best I can. Maybe, I should call Dad. My dad as a physician may be upset; so that is not a good idea. I’m thinking is this a good reason for an abortion? No, I don’t think so. The Baringers are Catholic if that matters; and they would not be in the mood to hear me say anything close. I know I would not have an abortion unless the physicians state that the baby is probably dying and I will also die short of an abortion. Some matters in life are beholden to no easy solutions. Michelle’s dilemma includes a high risk of cystic fibrosis. All the clinical difficulties she’s experienced with Billy Baringer (son age 3) would make one reconsider all options.

I’m checking out the last gal who has purchased a wilderness dress. She finishes the checkout and suddenly becomes a faucet of tears. I calm her down and she then goes through a long spiel over her recent abortion. This is surreal; so I listen and maybe take something away for Michelle Baringer’s discussion later tonight. Basically, after spending 20 minutes listening, I feel bad about this gal’s situation. Her non support of her parents, father of the baby and her peer group led to the surgical procedure. I’m not a fan of the procedure with my instinctive Catholic family values. I don’t begrudge someone who made a very difficult decision because the Mom and baby may have not fared well clinically with pregnancy or childbirth. Every woman’s situation is vastly different. I hope peace and love return to this woman. Life can sometimes be unhappy, but it’s life. Relish the fruits of our limited human existence.