The Colorado Girl Diary II, Day 6

Greg’s present wasn’t an engagement ring. He’s cool about that stuff ever since our supposed platonic romance has rekindled. I’m good with all of this flirting and gamesmanship. I can return the fun and love. The big box was a new fly rod (I needed a new pole since mine has been patched on multiple occasions). He loves to fly-fish; and so do I. I also love to ice-fish; and maybe we can do that together also. I’ve got Greg sold on Ten Mile Creek. It’s not crowded and the fish seem to like the highway commotion. Rooster tails are really the Gold Medal performers for flies on this favorite stream. Rooster tails seem to work in all seasons; and whether the fish are hungry or not, there is room for a new rooster tail. Of course, when the Caddis are hatching we mimic the insects just above the water. Caddis hatch is an absolute fishing gold mine. Fly fishing is really growing in the mountains. Mom’s resurrected fly-fishing club has completed a strong come back. I’m a member of Mom’s club by descent. It is critically difficult to fish and not talk a bunch and end up crying about Mom. I feel the grief may be good for the entire group. I always go and have climbed a couple 14ers with this close-knit fishing gals fishing club also recently. Half-Pipe, my trusted puppy, always leads the path. The entire group ends like water faucets over Mom. Our human existence is highly dependent on human interaction. I’m so vulnerable at times that you could blow on me and I’d break apart. I need to be strong. I keep talking about Mom; but it is therapeutic to a degree. When my diary is read a few thousand years from now, everyone will understand.

I charge back into Fitted Bindings, my store. They have some new hats they wish to market. These hats are Colorado Girl hats. I’m good with all the appropriation of my name because there is something strong in Fitted Bindings and the conglomerate owner from Asia coming back to me. The owners and Boss (my real boss’s nickname) are good people. Everyone wants a win/win situation. The hats are semi-formal; and can be worn on the slopes, at a Bistro or in church. The hat is a faux suede cap that adds a dash of borrowed-from-the-boys style to your look. It has a small braid, Colorado Girl logo and small ear protectors when it’s cold (skiing). It’s more a fashion hat than skiing, but can be both. The bottom line is that you need to look really good; and this hat is a total KILLER. Any human being that wanted to interact with you would see this hat and be attracted. Add a smile and a waggle; and you won’t last a week if you’re single. If you’re married, you’ll get a poured glass of Merlot tonight. Maybe that’s where I need to go with more of an e marketing blitz discussion. I’m feeling that the customers of Fitted Bindings and The Colorado Girl are restless. Trendy consumers have their mouths wide open now -groping for another product to appear cool. Hats are it; and the European mountain style faux suede cap is definitely priced to sell. The new Colorado Girl hat cannot stop people from noticing you immediately. I love it.

Dad wants to fish with Greg later today. That is cool. Guys need to talk and bond – probably more so than girls. It’s not just beer and football. They really need to talk outside a woman’s presence. I get it! I love my family so much that I procrastinate through every decision around them. X and I have emotional bonds that never existed before Mom’s death. We’ll always be very close. I want him to succeed in whatever field he chooses. Presently, he’ll be a frosh at UCCS in The Springs. What an honor to even enter that curriculum. I love life and work. I can’t help be laughing and crying over matters that go beyond Mom. I’m living!

A social media contact said a word to me today that resonates. It’s not your final destination that counts in life; it’s your journey to arrive at the final destination. Think about it. Enjoy life’s ride. My prose is plenty today.