The Colorado Girl Diary II, Day 5

A bright sun setting this morning gave the mountains around our mountain home cabin a rainbow array of colors glancing off the rocks above tree line. This caused a touch of loneliness and wanting my Mom back into my life. I’m dealing; but at times not well. I cannot escape because Summit County, Colorado is where I firmly belong. My friends and family are here with a ton of support in every way. There are however lonely, moving days and nights. The new craft beers here are great but don’t solve the problem. I have an occasional beer socially with Dad or my friends. Greg Hanisch MD called me again to discuss our future. He is so polite and understands that I’m still in mourning over Mom’s sudden departure. It’s been a while; but I’m still grieving. Greg makes me laugh and cry. I’m so emotional at times. My regular customers at Fitted Bindings want me back on our website looking like a marketing fashion genius. They cry along with me; and it’s tough when I have some returning customers and they have similar stories. My employer, Boss, has been great. I’m fighting.

I receive a phone call and Greg wants to meet tonight for a brew. I just tell him to come over here; though I’m going to bed very early. I’m almost finished with my Masters (MBA on line) and working on my final reports. I have some Farmhouse Blonde Ale from Pug Ryan’s Brewhouse. I know guys tend to like heavier bitter beers; but this stuff is good for socializing. Dad may join us also. He’s cool and Alex, Dad and I are watching out for each other. We are very co-dependent. Our feelings and comfort have meant a ton to me. I wake up daily just wanting my friends and family. My customers also help. My online social contacts are blessed also.

Dad says he’ll bring home some supper and I say that is cool. Alex is nearing college and it appears he’s going to UCCS in the Springs. The new dorms are quite nice. He may have attended Creighton but with Mom’s rise to heaven he also wanted to be close. I’m certain I’ll visit when I can. Would a college guy want his sister snooping in his dorm room? I highly doubt it.

Half-Pipe, my nosy ever loving puppy, just won’t stop cuddling. He wants attention and gets it. He’s a mix of lab and blood hound and acts like both of these breeds. We always go back to finding him crying in a below zero dumpster with his abandoned litter. We saved all the puppies. I can’t believe I was so fortunate to discover Half-Pipe with a whimpering cry a few years ago before college. Half-Pipe never forgets anything and is the most trusted puppy in the world. He’s always with me and never will let me down. He sleeps constantly at my side and never wakes until it’s needed. He’s such a great run dog. I don’t fear mountain lions when I’m running through the Colorado woods. The coyotes, bears, and any other critters just don’t bother me with Half-Pipe leading the run. We’ve met our match occasionally when Sal and Half-Pipe confronted a hungry bear requiring my bear spray to survive. That is just Colorado. We love it here; and more so every day.

The door bell rings and it’s Greg. He has a large present. It’s not Christmas. Oh, no! I’m a little worried. We didn’t even talk. We are both still in recovery mode. Half-Pipe greets him and Greg smooches me. I’m cool, but what is in the big box. Dad is driving up our mountain lane with a big smile. There’s no room for depression. We all have each other. Greg Hanisch MD has a weird look on his face. I’m good at feelings and can read minds; but not this. I’ll just deal. What is in the box – snowshoes?