The Colorado Girl Diary II, Day 3

The encounter with that clothier guy yesterday was nothing. He was in the midst of a stormy divorce in New York City with kids involved. I don’t need that and I’m being prejudicial to a degree. I’m Ok where I’m at I think. Yet again, that guy was awfully cute! I need to move on. He’s NYC and I’m Colorado. I’ve already been through this mess of where to live with Greg Hanisch MD. I don’t want nor can I handle moving away from X (brother) and Dad now that Mom has passed. We’re really close and they are a part of me forever. We’re totally fixtures mashed together. I get introduced in person and on line all the time to eligible guys. I believe in magic and it will come. I’m still dazed by Greg Hanisch MD showing up at our concert and potentially stealing my heart again. I just don’t know about us.

Fannie called and wants a conference regarding the baby. She’s concerned about me being the God Mom and I don’t have a mate for the Godfather. I get it! I told her to scratch in Greg Hanisch’s name. She laughed and says she’ll do it. Greg may never reappear; but that is how we’ll get it done. The baby is growing daily and now Dad (Family Practice and Fannie’s doctor) is thinking Caesarean Section! I told Fannie to not panic and that would only be a last resort. However, she’s thinking that they will just schedule a C Section at 39 weeks (within a month). I said you’d avoid the dreaded labor; and recovery isn’t bad these days with spinal narcotics injected right into your low back. Additionally, there are many other ways to combat pain. Fannie is okay now. I hope the baby is healthy. She’s concerned about whether the baby is a boy or girl. And she did bring up the fact that the baby maybe neither or both. I can sense she’s worrying considerably beyond the normal. Fannie will be there tomorrow for the mass celebration and the medley of music with my background organ music. I love it!

I receive another text and it is Greg Hanisch wanting to meet after work. He says it is important. I wonder what that would mean. Greg may still have a non-compete in Denver if he’s planning on moving back to God’s country (Colorado). I wish him well with or without me. He’s such a good person and has been through so much by losing his fiancé and family just prior to his wedding. I was a rebound girl; but I’m good with that because he’s cute and very polite (except for moving away to Ohio).

Dad has asked me to fish tomorrow after work. We’ll sneak up to the Snake River watershed below Arapahoe Basin and determine if any cut throats are still present. These fish linger along the continental Divide at high altitudes. Cutthroats also fight as if they have one second to live. Fish don’t understand we’re catch and release (like me). I’ll never catch as many fish as Dad; but I’m occasionally close. I text Greg and say meet my Dad and me where we first met tomorrow at 6 o’clock. He’s good with that move. Maybe we’ll all have some real Colorado fun.

My brother, Alex (X), has a job parking cars for a big shot hotel chain. He wants to get to know some of these big money families so he can drive the expensive cars. I told him that you may get to them by showing off your fly fishing talents on the Blue River as it runs through Summit County. Better yet, drive them to Ten Mile Creek and you are guaranteed fish. I’m so tired! I’m drifting to sleep thinking of Mom and Grandma singing Downtown.

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go downtown
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know, downtown