The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 18

Last night I thought Greg Hanisch MD was about to propose to me again. I was ready and would have said yes; however, I give him credit for giving me time. I love the man to death but I’m still reeling (and he knows it) from Mom’s sudden death. Grief is universal with close friends and family. I’m probably normal with grief feelings. I had a great Mom and she was my inspiration for life. I cannot stop thinking of her; and, I miss her tremendously. Since this is my diary, I’ll only tell the truth and my inner feelings. Anything less is not a diary. Falsity in y writing then becomes a fake diary. Dr. Hanisch’s cardiovascular practice has really grown by leaps and bounds in The Springs. He’s not taken for granted, works diligently with everyone and enjoys all his patients. Many Denver patients and families that knew him or of him don’t hesitate to drive one hour for an excellent surgeon if they need heart surgery. He’s much more at ease with himself since his loss of a fiancé was and is still a toughie. Mom just meant the absolute world to me. Perhaps if I’d get lost in The Colorado Girl Musical, it would be a treat to actually compose and perform music for my Mom. I know she’s listening in heaven as I would be if the roles were reversed. I’m certain her and Grandma are singing “Downtown” continuously. I’ll dedicate The Colorado Girl Musical to Mom and Grandma exclusively. Now, I love to write lyrics and blend in harmony to fit the libretto (actual structure of the musical).

We could structure the musical (libretto) around Colorado, our twenty-something group (Downtown), a love story (me) and the good things in life (missions, church, family, friends). The music has to match the actual musical script. I want to begin the first scene with a magical (but real) outdoor Colorado scene. It has Dad and I fishing the Snake River near the Continental Divide (nobody but us fishes there). We are catching a few cutthroats and reeling them in to a trout net and letting them go (except our evening meal). We want to emulate the spring and everything that is good about spring in the Rocky Mountains.  The second tune is a solo with a small accompaniment noting that after I meet Greg Hanisch MD I’m falling in love (more on this song later). The initial song must be upbeat. I absolutely love duets; and perhaps all of our songs should be duets.

 The music can be generally a boy and girl singing; but, our music doesn’t have to be opposite sex duets. Most lengthy tunes will be boy/girl arrangements. The solo arrangements may have just a touch of duet within the chorus. Most of the duets will develop an extreme musicality of back and forth melodrama describing love, Colorado, mountains and friends/family/inner feelings. I’m now driving home from a long day of work at Fitted Bindings with unrecorded overtime. I stumble upon a tune in my noggin that won’t leave. I can honestly hear Mom singing this with Grandma in the background, and a chorus of Dad chiming in. The underlying beat is upbeat and has both initial and ending string orchestral elements (computer music). Amidst these two orchestral portions is a classical triplet themed arrangement. All our Colorado Girl Musical songs need to have a dance component (even if it is within your mind). No, it’s not a polka, but a beautiful Austrian waltz derived tune describing in a song/dance art form the quaintness of a serene mountain scene. Within the mountain scenery are a Dad (my Dad) and his daughter (The Colorado Girl) enjoying each other immensely. Remember, humans are social animals that love well composed and performed music. I must incite the audience immediately into an outdoor Colorado setting – away from their office/work of endless daily struggles. Let’s give it a go:

1) Orchestral 1….23. It’s the most beautiful Austrian Waltz theme with a classic Fox trot or European waltz dance. The characters (Dad and I (Colorado Girl) begin to sway with the 1…23 music, set down their fly rods and eventually begin dancing upon a large flat rock in the center of the stream (this is Colorado). Remember, we are anointing my parents/grandparents, celebrating music of the past and creating a novel theme for the future. Wicked brought out an old story with the most incredible themed music ever heard. Think of “Stairway to Heaven”. This is rock music at its finest, no one dislikes the music and it begins beautifully at a snail’s pace (This piece builds like no other).  As the Dad and girl (me) chatter and begin to catch fish initially, the music is background and takes the scene into the song/dance portion (fishing is temporarily forgotten). Whether its stage or film production, make no mistake, this is truly about song and dance (even if you are dreaming of musical days gone by). This is the average family’s escape into the wonderful outdoor world of Colorado. Dad and The Colorado Girl begin to sing to one another with this waltz theme enveloping their relationship and The Colorado Rockies. The lyrics may be:

Verse I solo (girl)

We Love “The Outdoors, Colorado (lorado is 23), and Mother Nature.”

We cherish “The Water, The Mountains, and The Ski Slopes.”

We feel “The Energy, The Snow Squalls, and The Sun Setting.”

We want “White Powder, Clear Water, and Environment.”

Chorus (duet): (Need to maintain the waltz theme).

Join us for a “Life of Love, Happy Neighborhood, friends forever.”

Don’t Ever “Turn Your Back, On a Friend, or Someone in Need.”

Do The “Good Things in Life, Enjoy Your Friends, and Your Family.”

Allow “Colorado, Your True Love and The Mountain Skyscrapers to Embellish You!”

#2 Verse – I’m working on this in my mind. Other twenty-something characters backpacking in the area come by and join the escalating song and dance.

My theme is obvious, our path to heaven is climbing a mountain and it begins slow (Stairway to Heaven). The musical is for all ages, genders and races. In a play setting, a background father/daughter memory scene occurs; or the daughter bringing out a symbolic item of her father/family to remind her of her youth. The incite to the musical must have simplistic yet intriguing interest. There is obvious deep meaning within the first song. The instruments will gather (piano to forte), and a powerful force of music will occur with a quiet exit (instrumental/feelings touched). This is a long opening song, but reflects on the historical aspect of music and dance; and not just Colorado. We need to stand out, be different and musically simple yet effective. Downtown through the Colorado Girl Musical needs to be the very best we can be (original). The very best scenes from La La Land were without questioning the girl dancing with her mate as she struggled to reach the top (Simple/Elegant/Musically Perfect). I could write the entire opening song and dance tonight, but have a long day of e modeling wilderness dresses and backpacks tomorrow starting at 0600 sharp.