The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 15

I’m getting out of bed and my puppy, Half-Pipe has diarrhea. He’s really super sick. I need to clean up the mess in my bedroom, and actually clean him also. I take him outside to the garage and notice while hosing him off that he has a large fresh paw wound across his chest and belly. I reveal this to my dad, the Family Practice doctor, and he agrees that it appears to be a mountain lion scar. We’ve had various mountain cougar attacks on pets recently. Generally, the pet is killed (dog or cat). And the pet animal is never found. My puppy has nearly lost his life and is now suffering tremendously. After I had fallen asleep Half- Pipe was slow to come home after I let him out in the yard for potty before bedtime. Our half and half Golden Retriever and Blood Hound mix is a strong dog with good senses. A mountain lion or cougar attack in the wild has a fatal outcome for the pet in almost all cases per Google. I’m overwhelmed with joy that Half- Pipe is still on our planet.

Heather Seines, my East Coast rich roommate, texted late last night. She wants to visit after Mom’s death and wants to know how I’m dealing with grief. I texted back today and said we’d talk immensely tonight when I finish work. I’m exhausted from all the concerts, music practice, volunteer church and mission work, and being The Colorado Girl. In a week I’m flying to Seoul, South Korea. Though the political tensions remain high, the company has secured me with an extra layer of safety. I can’t wait to visit the very nice people I met last time. I’ll be confronted with a guy that wants to marry me, Eun Nang. He still haunts me. I nearly fell for his overture when I had an interlude from Greg Hanisch MD. Eun Nang is attractive, wealthy, polite and forceful. If you are chosen by a family in certain Korean circles, you are not to say no to a marriage proposal.

Most Korean gals would have killed to have Eun Nang as their partner for life. However, he’s far too aggressive for me. Most Asian women love that type of guy; however, I’m more into a shared lifestyle on a permanent basis. I don’t want to be a guy’s servant until I’m in a nursing home. Mom watched many old movies with me and we laughed at how in the early 1900s women were essentially slaves to their husbands. It’s almost comical; yet the slave mentality existed virtually everywhere if the girl agreed. If she didn’t, then a divorce commonly occurred. I can’t worry about Eun Nang. The social media will have my presence on the South Korean peninsula well known ahead of time. I’ve not heard from Eun Nang in some time. My bet is that he is married or very close.

I called Heather Seines back late this evening. She is dating a downtown New York City guy she met backstage at “The Chorus Line” on Broadway. He’s cute, athletic (have to be) and available. He’s an attorney who is just graduating. He wants to work on mega deals involving Wall Street firms. It appears he’s a very bright guy, clean and enjoys both the arts and athletics. He adores Heather. Heather’s family is a touch concerned because he came from a poor Queens, New York background. I told Heather that it’s love that matters. He’ll make a considerable amount; and the Heather Seines trust assures economic stability. I’d be proud to have such a superstar in the Seines family. Heather was introduced to many guys at debutante balls and similar events. None of the guys actually wanted to be there. The “forced” encounters were uncomfortable for both families and especially the gals “coming out” evening. This is an old outmoded, elite tradition. Heather and this new guy, (Kelly Neill) are seeing one another nightly. The relationship is super serious. An engagement is pending. Heather and Kelly want to visit us in Colorado and obtain my approval (up or down – just kidding myself). I’d love to meet the great guy and become a friend. I instructed Heather to have him Facebook or Tweet me. We talked half the evening until my phone was with a dead cell. I fell asleep singing Grandma’s favorite tune:

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go downtown
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know, downtown

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go downtown
Things will be great when you’re downtown
No finer place for sure, downtown
Everything’s waiting for you