The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 13

I’m humming a long gone song by the Delfonics (Didn’t I blow Your Mind This Time). A boomer customer suddenly stopped me in my tracks and asked where did I actually learn that tune. She was from Philadelphia and learned that sound of music as a child. I said Motown gets immense credit; but nobody talks much about Philly soul. These were brave entrepreneurs and music lovers who worked with endless groups with great talent and voices. I informed her that this was my favorite song from that genre and time. She heartily agreed and purchased more needed outdoor items. She stated that she missed Philadelphia and the music that was nonstop love ballads. I readily remarked that with all the cable/satellite and digital recording, Philly music is abounding. There is no stopping the revitalization of this music. It will be good until eternity. Thankfully, we all can enjoy the music. I listened to the Delfonics last evening and can’t get this song out of my head. Thus, I’ll sing and hum it all day long.

We’ve been asked to begin composing and performing our own music. Downtown, our song and dance group of nine, is interested and ultimately desires to create a modern day “Grease”. The ultimate musical in style would be a medley of great rock tunes that fit the libretto. We’ve got a great group of talent and more interested artistic people daily are contacting our Downtown group. I’m the leader by unanimity. I would cherish the time allotted to recording and composing; however, the intricacies of recording, filming, writing a libretto and ultimately complete a finished product (musical) are highly noteworthy. It’s also a matter of finding realistic time with our members. Our creative music and dance group of nine twenty-somethings with a couple subs is all busy earning a living, paying off school debts, enjoying relationships with family and above all just enjoying life returning home from college. None of us want lifestyle disruption. Producers, writers, composers, choreographers and arrangers are very willing to travel to Summit County, Colorado. Ultimately, these professionals remark that ascension to a higher stage would require a move to Los Angeles, California.

I’m not 100% opposed to the LA travel on a temporary basis. Most of Downtown wants their life here in rural mountainous Colorado. There is no skiing, boarding, scenic mountain biking nor hiking back country trails in LA. We would cope somehow. Perhaps we could all travel and end up recording and performing for a week or two on a semi-regular basis. That would work quite well if everyone buys into the idea. Money, relationships, family and other jobs will also be decisive factors. We can all travel as a group and perform/record on a periodic basis. The subject amongst us is a touch uncomfortable; and everyone knew we were performing for fun and not a living. Thus, a large dilemma may upset our close friendships. These are good problems to incur. Fans appreciate the group “Downtown.” They love our twenty-something appeal, looks, goodness, dance, togetherness and musicality.

I maintain my humming the Delfonics tune and another customer and fan of The Colorado Girl chimes in. This boomer also sings with a beautiful voice. We all agree that life is short and we need to make the very most of it. If developing a musical based on The Colorado Girl is what my close friends desire, then I’m 200% involved. However, if the work is enormous and disruption of our lives occurs, there’s no amount of money that is worth the potential strife. My customers listen to me talk about backpacks, The Continental Divide Trails and a musical while I’m checking out customers. Many customers comment that they want the musical as soon as possible. I sell the backpack to the boomer, and she’s thinking about a pair of cross-country skis for the upcoming. Ski season isn’t that far away. A skier can never prepare for the elements too early in the season. I’ve reminded all our downhill ski customers to grind and wax their skis. Edges and the bottom of skis are critical to a smooth flight downhill. I just can’t stop humming and singing:

I gave my heart and soul to you, girl
(Now didn’t I do it, baby, didn’t I do it, baby?)
Gave you the love you never knew, girl, oh
(Didn’t I do it baby, didn’t I do it baby?)
I’ve cried so many times and that’s no lie
It seems to make you laugh each time I cry

Didn’t I blow your mind this time
Didn’t I
Didn’t I blow your mind this time
Didn’t I, this time?

I thought that heart of yours was true, girl
(Now, didn’t I think it, baby, didn’t I think it, baby?)
But this time I’m really leaving you girl, oh
(Hope you know it, baby, hope you know it, baby)

Ten times or more, yes, I walked out that door
Get this into your head, there’ll be no more


(Didn’t I do it baby, didn’t I do it baby?)
(Didn’t I do it baby, didn’t I do it baby?)

Ten times or more, yes, I walked out that door
Get this into your head, there’ll be no more


Girl, can we talk for a second?
(Baby can we talk)
I know it’s been a long time
Since someone blew your mind, like I did
(Ooh, baby)
But there’ll be other times
(Didn’t I blow your mind it happens all the time)
For me and you
(All the time)(Ooh, baby)
And I can see the tears fallin’ from your eyes
(I can see the tears falling from your eyes)
Tell me girl did I blow your mind?