The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 12

I awake to the brilliant rainbow colorful glow of the east sun shining upon the upper mountains near our mountain cabin home. We live at tree line where Dad can watch over his patients (as he says). There is no blocking yourself and God high in the Rockies. I love to run forever up here; and totally dread the day I can no longer jog. Twenty-somethings love to jog endlessly; and it’s great exercise for all ages. Our ski outfitting company, Fitted Bindings, has developed a pure mountain running shoe. The features will be a very thick padded sole, firm fabric edges, comfortable yet firmly secure Velcro and string ties, and tight skin/sock padding above the ankles. This ensures comfort, stability and the ability to maintain a dry foot. The running shoe may be washed without harm in a normal everyday washer. It’s properly termed: The Colorado Girl Running Shoe.

The shoe may be worn with any sport from hoops to football. The traction on the bottom is incredible. Golfers and tennis players love the grip it gives them with the ground. I tested the first pair and absolutely loved the feel, light weight and sporty appearance. My Colorado Girl logo amidst the Fitted Bindings logo was established on all mountain trail running shoes. The price is under $100. Thus, I’ll prepare for some long runs with Downtown and puppy Half-Pipe. I’ll have my own Colorado Girl trail shoes; which will provide a great advantage in the high country. The entire legal/financial aspect of my name use (appropriation) and what is fair has reappeared. I feel the best solution is to possibly have our local expert attorney that has helped Downtown in some musical rights’ affairs review my contract. I have not pushed Fitted Bindings to provide a royalty on every piece of equipment sold or use of my name. Mom’s sudden death and dealing with our family was plenty enough for me to handle. Greg Hanisch MD suddenly bursting again on the scene has me always on edge. At times I’ve asked Dad for antidepressant and anxiety medications. Dad laughs and I respond by stating Mom and I are the only gals in the county who are disallowed psychotropic medications.

I’ve been occasionally hurt emotionally on the internet by unsavory comments. These are always erased; and our webmaster always attempts to remove them before I see them on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or Snap Chat. Dad always calms my nerves and states he only prescribes antidepressant meds if a situation absolutely demands the treatment. His Family Practice response is that the patient only needs to go outside and live the Rockies. It is endless beauty with running streams, waterfalls, mountain colors and wild flowers. Dad says this is heaven. He admitted he felt he needed a touch of medication after Mom’s death. He has been thoroughly chased by lady patients, old and new girlfriends and social media. His last girlfriend wanted marriage after 2.5 months and nothing else. Dad came to his senses and decided to step back and enjoy my brother, Alex, and myself considerably.

Alex, X, goes to UCCS in The Springs in a couple weeks. Dad and I are escorting him to the dorms. He elected a random roommate. I feel this is quite mature and the very best option. Attending college provides one’s mind to expand. Selecting a roommate exactly like you maybe a frosh mistake.  I endured Heather Seines, the East Coast rich grump. After I landed a couple verbal punches into her heart, we’re best buddies for life. We’re polar opposites. After I landed a spot on the college ski and acappello teams, we befriended one another. Though I was a Rocky Mountain tomboy, I would ski circles and sing octaves around my all girl dormies. I needed to establish myself to be accepted. Otherwise I would have endured four long years of college obscurity.

X will have his foibles and extremes no peers can emulate. X may not have the highest physics grade, but he’ll have the cutest girlfriend, play hockey at a high club level (if not NCAA), and take his friends skiing on slopes they fear. X will additionally instruct his fellow dormies mountain skills they will cherish for life. I’m off to sleep singing and humming Mom and Grandma’s tune:

And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you
Someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to
Guide them along
So maybe I’ll see you there
We can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares

So go downtown
Things will be great when you’re downtown
Don’t wait a minute more, downtown
Everything is waiting for you, downtown

Downtown (downtown)
Downtown (downtown)
Downtown (downtown)
Downtown (downtown)