The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 11

Aaron and I are sopranos and tomboys. We are alike in so many ways. She has an off/on again boyfriend. He is just not committed. Thus, Downtown benefits from Aaron’s constant availability and highly infectious demeanor. She could walk up to a cougar and make friends (she actually has). The mountain lions are technically not to be feared in our area. Mountain cougars apparently have as much fear as the human. A year ago Aaron was confronted with a large mountain lion at tree line near Vail Pass. She actually talked the lion down and he walked away whimpering. Aaron is so cool; yet, so serious at other social interactions. The boyfriend thing has really bothered her because I know she really likes this guy. He is affable, cool, friendly and has done well as an architect in Denver. He’s designed many homes and buildings around Colorado. His services are wanted and needed throughout the United States presently.

Aaron is willing to move if this guy (Ely) decides that those two lovebirds are meant for each other. She’s not crazy about moving from Colorado. Downtown, our song and dance Summit County group of nine, would still work if Aaron was in West Denver (Evergreen). She has talked about this situation. There is also a Jewish-Catholic clash between the families. Aaron doesn’t know what to do about that situation; since neither family is budging regarding raising grandchildren with another religion. This is a rather archaic concept; but exists with Aaron and Ely. I vote to allow them to work this situation out amongst themselves. However, there are grandparents potentially who disagree. Frankly, they haven’t decided to marry just yet; so the entire religion of the children is somewhat moot. Aaron has a serious side to her; and insidiously mentions to me that Ely’s parents are just not crazy about her. It is not her personality (10) nor looks (10). Aaron has a touch of Spanish in her blood admixed with Swedish heritage. The family is well aware of Aaron’s Multiple Sclerosis. She had just finished with an intense treatment and was recovering when she met Ely in the Outback at Keystone Resort. They skied together after just meeting at the solo lifts line (not uncommon in Colorado). After that encounter intense dating occurred; followed by a near proposal.

Aaron suddenly had a serious MS flare causing hospitalization with supportive and experimental treatments IV. She recovered well enough to return to work as an accountant and part time member of Downtown. Her strength and overall physical ability returned to normal. Aaron was skiing double black diamond runs frequently; and never had to rest. Ely’s family was highly concerned that he would be marrying a medical disaster. Ely’s parents highly encouraged him to end the relationship. The Aaron/Ely connection then ended for a month. Both of these lovebirds missed each other, reunited and it has been generally good since they’ve reunited. They discussed moving in together. Aaron’s only concern is Ely’s parents and family. Aaron is not nearly as popular after disclosing her illness to everyone. I’ve been 200% supportive of her. Occasionally, after work Aaron has entered Fitted Bindings crying over some minor tiff between her and Ely. This relationship needs some spiritual guidance and movement.

MS is common in Colorado; and many youth have mild expressions of the disease. It can happen to anyone. When I worked (and still occasionally do) the office at Dad’s family practice, I’ve seen many MS cases over time develop incapacitating illness. The weakness, numbness and inability to move as formerly occurred eats one alive from inside to outside. The MS disease then envelopes your physical capabilities and crushes your mind. We need a cure. There’s not enough money in the world to answer this disease. I pray for Aaron daily. We confide constantly with our issues and problems. We always end our serious discussions with a giant laugh and smile. She’ll always be one of my very best friends. She remembers Mom and Grandma singing Downtown. Aaron thinks of Mom when she’s a touch depressed. We commonly sing together: 

Don’t hang around and let your problems surround you
There are movie shows downtown
Maybe you know some little places to go to
Where they never close downtown

Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossa nova
You’ll be dancing with ’em too before the night is over
Happy again
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go downtown
Where all the lights are bright, downtown
Waiting for you tonight, downtown
You’re gonna be alright now, downtown