The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 10

I love every millisecond while working at Fitted Bindings. Our international appeal is immense with our parent Asian conglomerate partner. I’m thankful that the Asian Colorado Girl didn’t work; but want the very best for her. I’ll be traveling to South Korea and then throughout the Orient for 2.5 weeks soon. I have well prepared for my trip with X (brother Alex) and Dad. Greg seems as if he cares a ton for me; and wants to come. I don’t truly know if that is a good idea for us individually. It probably is a great idea for us as a couple; however social media rumors will intensify. My international appeal is growing with our marketing. I’ve encouraged Fitted Bindings to use the Downtown group to market their attire and outdoor gear. That has helped take the load off of me. Hadley Finckstein is moving upward with her modeling career. She may obtain other jobs. Her sales are steadily increasing at our local Breckenridge and Beaver Creek stores (outlet). On line, Hadley is a big hit with everyone. She has a steady boyfriend; and that is a wonderful experience for her after her former husband announced that he was gay. Hadley’s annulment was the best thing for this couple.

Hadley and I are very close. I’m receiving texts from her constantly. She is on Snap Chat a ton, and has attached myself into many social groups. I’m quite good with her friends because she is a true Coloradoan. Hadley skies, hikes, boards and paddles with all of us now. She took to the Kayak easily; and is fairly athletic. She is no Jen; but no gal is like Jen. Jen is on another planet athletically. Most guys are intimidated by Jen’s musical and athletic skills. Jen also texts me constantly. I don’t mind the social interaction. After losing Mom, I know our lives can be “poof gone” in a breath. I’m far better having such close friends than people I know who are lonely. I hate loneliness and clinical depression with anyone.

Hadley has fit in with the rest of Downtown. Her warm personality extends far beyond the former ‘’life is about me” when she was an upper class Denver snob. Hadley freely admits how awful she was. Now, she’s one of us and has helped tremendously musically. Hadley trained in piano, strings, and voice while a Denver childhood prodigy. Hadley is heir to gobs of money assuredly waiting in a secure trust. Hadley is worth more than Summit County and Eagle County combined purportedly. Her parents have also simmered considerably since the breakup and annulment of the marriage to the downtown Denver estate attorney. Though the families haven’t spoken much, the egregious situation (family friends) has settled immensely in Hadley’s childhood neighborhood, Cherry Creek. I informed Hadley that it was all of Downtown’s recommendation that she not expose her wealth amongst anyone but us. People may come upon the fact; but boyfriends, neighbors, and employers may act or treat Hadley quite differently if they knew of 1% of Hadley Finckstein’s immeasurable wealth. I’ve instructed Hadley to act as if you are without any means. Hadley has been frugal and never been happier.

The last time we attended a Rockies baseball game was evident of the fact that Hadley had changed. Her parents had plush box seats with catering. Hadley chose to visit her parents and the wealthy friends during the 7th inning stretch. We both sat in Center Field (Rockpile) amongst middle class and poor baseball fans that bring their own food into the park. Hadley and I laugh at how she was far too good for me the first year in college after meeting at the airport. I was shunned for months until I became a popular coed. Hadley and I through serendipidity became close friends for life. After the Rockies game her parents were very classy by inviting us to spend the evening and leave in the morning. Her parents confided in me that her social group in Summit County, Colorado has been the very best thing to happen for Hadley in years. I agree and support her parents. Her parents and wealthy friends may begin to attend some of the Downtown performances in the mountains. They have seen us perform in the theater district in Denver. Denver social media feels Downtown should go global with agents, recordings and television shows. We are all quite happy with our refurbished practice and recording barn studio, close friends and the sheer beauty of Summit County, Colorado. Our social interactions within our twenty-something group mean much more than money and notoriety to all of us. If a higher stage wants Downtown, they may film/record/interview in Breckenridge, Colorado. We just are never leaving home – Summit County, Colorado!