The Colorado Girl Diary I, Chapter 1


The scene for The Colorado Girl Diary I is the unmatched outdoors of beautiful Summit County, Colorado in 2016. Attractive Alison Simpson (.5 Cheyenne Indian and .5 Hispanic) has moved home after her four-year eastern liberal arts coed existence. Alison became labeled as “The Colorado Girl” since she was from a vastly different part of the country compared to her eastern dormies and eventual sorority sisters. The Colorado Girl was known for her music (Glee in college), athletic ability (biking and ski teams within undergrad), and gregarious personality. Her tomboy qualities in college were self-evident immediately by kicking a 50 yard practice field goal, checking the star member of the men’s college hockey team in actual play, and guy intramurals wanting her to play QB for campus football bragging rights. The Colorado Girl was admittedly shy when college began, but overcame this aspect with a feisty roommate (Heather Seines). She despised another Coloradoan (elite Hadley Finckstein from Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado), but eventually befriended her during a massive dump by her aristocratic college beau. The Colorado Girl returned to Summit County, Colorado with her looks, business skills and outgoing personality. The Colorado Girl’s meritorious qualities allowed her to obtain a marketing, sales, and fashion modeling position for an upstart Summit County, Colorado outdoors gear company, Fitted Bindings.

The Colorado Girl’s laudable work ethic and overall appeal to all women allow Fitted Bindings to sky rocket with sales. Social Media has made her an instant “rock star” that lives the dream of returning home and competing successfully in the business world. The Colorado Girl’s only fault is with guy relationships. She’s unable to find the right mate until serendipity confronts her with Greg Hanisch MD on the Snake River below Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort while fly-fishing with her Dad, an excellent, rural Summit County, Colorado Family Practice physician. Greg Hanisch MD is attempting to find himself after his fiancé and family were killed in a small plane crash. This couple was made for each other in so many ways; however real life jobs, geography, family issues and lack of commitment are impediments to a permanent partnership for now. Greg becomes negatively involved with Denver medical politics where he is attempting to restart his life, and medical career. He yearns to return to his safe haven, The Cleveland Clinic, where he was a recent superb cardiothoracic fellow. The Cleveland medical community desires a return permanent homecoming for Greg through an attractive offer. The Greg Hanisch MD and Colorado Girl relationship is an enduring love story with the gravity of home turf determining its end result through most of the book. The attraction the couple has for each other will never stop and their final result makes the book well worth reading.

Endless opportunities in business, fashion modeling and music confront The Colorado Girl. Her love of the arts through music and dance is embellished with her leadership in a twentysomething girls and guys ensemble known as “Downtown.” Downtown is a millennial way of life and social interaction, love of the arts through music and dance, and a method of making needed side cash. The friendships from pre-school and formal public school onward through outdoor sports (mainly Summit Ski Team), church and the arts allow a throw-back, small town relationship within all Downtown members to become totally inseparable. The global popularity of the tomboy, The Colorado Girl, explodes through the merger of Fitted Bindings with a South Korean conglomerate. Despite the endless opportunities in the arts and business worldwide, the Colorado Girl retains a loving close relationship with her family (especially after the loss of Mom), friends from pre-school, and business partners.

The inner chronological thoughts told as a personal twentysomething gal story is The Colorado Girl Diary I. The unparalleled excellence in performing soft rock genre of the past 3 generations with historical dance is quite exciting. Beginning as a “garage” band acappella style with arts learned since childhood, this guy and girl team of exceptional right brained millennials, known as Downtown, progresses with hard work in a barn recording studio into international notoriety. Downtown was labeled as a clique and twentysomething musical group by The Colorado Girl’s Dad after listening for years to Grandma and Mom hum and sing the #1 popular 1960s tune with Petula Clark (singer) and Tony Hatch (creator). The Colorado Girl Diary I ends as Downtown is besieged with agents, a need to move to a bigger stage and potentially leaving their childhood homes within Summit County, Colorado. Please read and enjoy how close a childhood group returning post-college can actually become inseverable. The sheer enjoyment of music, arts, friendships, outdoor sports, church, and mission in life that The Colorado Girl and her Downtown members live daily is quite impressive. Enjoy the reading and strive to carry a part of The Colorado Girl with you daily.

Chapter 1 – Why they call me the “The Colorado Girl”

Hello, I’m Alison Simpson. Everyone that knows me calls me “The Colorado Girl”. I’ve just arrived home post graduation from a small prestigious liberal arts college on the east coast. I’m living with my “rents.” These are my real biological married for life parents. I also have a 13 year old brother, Alex. His friends started calling him X a couple of years ago and it stuck. We are close buds for siblings. I missed X and my parents a ton while going through the college experience. It really seems like a long journey, but I’m really back at home where I know I belong. I’m one of the 67% of college grads that failed to launch properly. I wouldn’t live anywhere else right now. I don’t care if I’m the only person ever to move back home after college. I’m deeply happy back home in Summit County, Colorado. This is my nest; and there is no place on earth like home. I just received my acclaimed college BA degree with a major in general business and marketing. Now I’m truly on my way. My career path as a real 20 Something couldn’t be brighter by having a very coveted job in my backyard. My parents wanted me home in the worst way. They struggled through all four of my college years and never adapted to not having my friends and I around just to touch and feel. Admittedly I had the very worst case of college homesickness. Thus it just wasn’t right on all fronts for me to be away from my family for more than a millisecond – let alone four long years. It would plausibly appear to me that having me out of Mom’s and Dad’s lives for a spell would be relief. Unfortunately being away from my family was just not fun for all of us. We both kept it in perspective knowing that I would return home when I finished my college degree. You don’t know how good it feels to be home until you’ve realized when you’re gone that Summit County, Colorado is the very best place to live. My youth could not have been better as a youth anywhere else on earth. I also realize it’s not just returning home to my Colorado nest that makes the difference for me. It’s my All American loving family that makes the big difference!

The Simpson family is very different. We love and care for one another in all ways. We are always living unselfishly as a family unit. Everyone constantly places the family above personal ambitions and goals. I must admit when I went to college our driveway had nail polish and scratch marks from myself clutching on to childhood with all my strength. Inside however I just knew I had to get away for a while to appreciate how good life is in Summit County, Colorado. I realized that immediately after I met my snappy East Coast roommate, Heather, as a frosh. She never knew anyone who was nice. After one month of sheer East Coast mental torture, I confronted her with the ultimate fact that she was an absolute you know what! She abruptly changed and said she wanted to be like a Colorado girl. I was under reacting to her constantly changing moods. She subsequently acknowledged no one else could probably put up with her for more than a couple days. Our college is old school and didn’t go through the roommate match thing the summer before you arrived. We were just assigned to one another. It really was for better or worse. She felt I was extremely special to her and dubbed me (as between us) with the name, “The Colorado Girl”. We’ve been best of buds ever since our spat. My nickname also leaked and I was suddenly known around campus as “The Colorado Girl.” I had to remain cool and accept this name since I just didn’t yet know the political landscape at college.

Though my 13 year old brother, Alex, was home, my rents still had egregious empty nest because of me. If Alex wasn’t there, Mom and Dad both would have certainly jumped off the dam in nearby Dillon, Colorado. Mom called and texted 12 times my very first day away from home. We eventually finally settled into a pattern of once daily or even every other day texting or phone calls. That’s a fairly normal pattern for college gals. Guys seemingly are less attached to back home families once they emerge from childhood. I hung with many guys while in college because young adults travel and move as a cultured pack similar to coyotes. It’s not couples anymore as it was a couple of generations ago. Many guys in our college combined boy and girl clique would ask me why I was constantly communicating with Mom. I honestly responded that the strings are just not quite cut even with me being 2000 miles from home. Guys will never understand the mother and daughter tight knit relationship. Now that I have a smart phone I’m certainly not losing my family. Most of my college came from the east coast area. It was relatively easy for students to travel home on a weekend. Young men just never will understand the implications of your true family umbilical cord being cut at age 18. I was the constant victim of chiding when my cell rang amidst our clique of mostly guys. I loved the east coast with all its excitement, seasons, and even the culture of harsh accented people grew on me. People may sound obnoxious and rude; however they don’t really mean harshness in most encounters. Nobody acts like east coast people in my home of Summit County, Colorado. I sensed the competitiveness with everything immediately while on the east coast. This competitiveness led to the harsh survival attitude that Heather and every dormy carried.

Everyone on the east coast seemingly had to promote themselves by being forward with an unintelligible loud voice. It was a contest with the winner having the most misunderstood Bostonian voice. Most gals in my frosh dorm were not admittedly genuinely nice much of the time. These gals had an attitude and acted with marked drama instead of just being themselves. This was a very common theme and it became old. Instead of just dealing with a problem, it was a fairly whiny endeavor. As a very close befriended dormy, I had to endure the endless tensions of bad grades, missed periods, parents divorcing the split second the last one leaves home and the all encompassing “being dumped.” On balance the stresses of adjusting to life as a young adult transpired much easier for me as a college coed than most of these cultured east coast boarding school kids. My whole female dorm was medicated with birth control pills, SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant medications, sleeping aids and anti anxiety pills when I was a frosh.

My business and marketing major, practical savvy and common sense clearly indicates that the pharmaceutical business is here to stay. I was a true loner who was raised very differently. I soon realized that the east coast boarding preps required drugs for their lifestyle. The medications were so accepted. I wanted zero meds of any kind. Many in the dorm had only seen their parents a few times since 8th grade. I endured a few chuckles and grins, stares and even shock when I told the dorm gals all we needed was a busy afternoon of double back diamond skiing, a few good tunes to sing and a warm burning actual logs glowing fireplace in the evening. Depression, eating or sleeping disorders would never surface with our Colorado lifestyle. This didn’t dissuade the name, “The Colorado Girl”. Somehow being different I was able to make friends just by coming from The Rocky Mountains and having a very differing youth experience. The dorm realized they had a real tomboy as a fellow dormy; and that was very cool to them. Thus I was invited to every sorority rush and had choices of which clique or house I wanted to join. You were a real zero if you didn’t rush at this old established east coast liberal arts school. I didn’t want to watch TV by myself on Saturday evenings.

As a home grown Coloradoan, I just didn’t need an antidepressant like everyone else. Life and the outdoors in Summit County, Colorado are clearly the very best antidepressants and stimulants in the world. The east coast college gal drug combo was the birth control pill in the morning and the feel good SSRI antidepressant Paxil at night. I needed neither; however I was close occasionally. Most of my dorm was wondering how I could actually live without either of these drugs. I adapted, had fun and made up my mind to enjoy life at college. I knew as did my family I would always return home after college. That was my antidepressant. I dreamed at night of class IV rapids, boarding down a double back diamond run and hitting a school of brown trout with a rooster fly in the spring. My 18 years of life experiences within Summit County, Colorado (home) were never out of my thoughts. I kept dreaming at night of always returning home to Summit County, Colorado. It’s just different at home. People in Colorado are more relaxed. The setting in Summit County, Colorado is considerably more down to earth. If you develop anxiety or depression, just look outside at the snow capped mountains or clear stream in your back yard. You will be instantly cured! The true serenity of our mountain life is unparalleled. The mountains, snow, pines and streams in one brilliant setting will cure all ills immediately! My dad, family doctor John Simpson, attests to the Colorado setting which allows him to treat psychiatric disease with hikes instead of drugs.

People in Summit County, Colorado just flat out are really nice. I took this for granted until I dealt with a ton of not so nice dorm gals. I don’t intend to berate anyone, but Summit County, Colorado is clearly the ground zero of niceness. Endless numbers of acquaintances and friends have visibly expressed to me in these cozy little communities of Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Montezuma and Silverthorne how it’s nice that I’m back. People I personally barely knew growing up in Summit County, Colorado have been friendly and gone out of their way to greet me upon my return home for good. I really appreciate their sincere feelings. It’s obvious I took a ton of niceties from home for granted while I was being raised by the best parents in the world. I’m glad to see the bare acquaintances I knew years ago reemerge. I’m just going home was my motto in my senior college year. Modeling in college and additionally being on a college ski TEAM helped me obtain this unbelievable job with a new vibrant ski and outdoor gear business in Colorado, “Fitted Bindings”. I sent my application in with a vibrant smile picture on the alumni magazine after winning a dual meet with another east coast rival ski team. I’d be kidding if I didn’t think it got me the job. I received many calls from alumni wanting to hire me for jobs along the east coast after the alumni magazine placed my photo with skis on the front cover. Unfortunately I said was heading home. Heather, my four year former grumpy roommate, reluctantly said the picture was a killer. Now we’re texting multiple times daily. I really do miss her. She taught me how to act and survive on the east coast as I taught her how to ski and board properly on mushy icy Vermont and New Hampshire ski slopes.

My employer, Fitted Bindings, has treated me well. The Boss (as I call him) is intent on using me for considerable ski and snowboard fashion modeling. I also retail sell. It’s inviting, fun and entertaining for a customer to see the actual register gal on the cover of the Fitted Bindings catalogs and magazines (new concept). The Colorado Girl can ring you up right here in downtown Frisco for that sweater you chose after seeing that part Cheyenne Indian and Hispanic combo (me) modeling in the magazine. How ultimately cool! Attracting tourists from all over the world with spendable income to visit Summit County, Colorado and our business in Colorado is my Boss’s primary goal. My friends have been so supportive with me being riddled with private college debt and now broke. We’re all patching up old relationships while trying not to laugh at my old yet trusty original fat skis. You cannot let anything bum you out because if you walk outside one inch you will feel a strong sense of calm at my home. The healing powers of Summit County, Colorado are within you. It is just too beautiful, fresh, snowy, energetic and natural with a running clear brook in my backyard. Everywhere has its inherent beauty, but I truly love Summit County, Colorado for its natural majestic mountain beauty. It’s that simple. And the rest of the world loves it here also. I’m never leaving because of my family, friends (more on them later) and all that Summit County, Colorado has to offer. I’m not only home, but I’m where God meant me to be. I’m free to snowboard, downhill and cross country ski, kayak, hike, fly fish, snowshoe, bike, skate, and even run forever. I am finally home. I love it!

Graduation was really tough because I knew so many of my college friends in the dorms, fraternity/sorority houses and in my classes. I said good bye to our nationally ranked ski team. We worked out year round and became very close. A couple of the big east and west coast modeling firms recruited me also after viewing our college ski picture. Our ski team frankly had really cool athletic garb. It was tough to say no to bigger money and stay nearby in New York City or live in glamorous Los Angeles, California. My family will always be first no matter what the occasion. There wasn’t an amount of money that would have made me not come home to Summit County, Colorado. In fact my sorority sisters played practical jokes on my parents when graduation week arrived. The first occurred when we were all in our sorority house together with our parents. A group of sorority sisters asked to see my engagement ring. My dad, the really cool all everything family doctor, nearly had to go to the Emergency Room himself. Mom nearly passed out sitting on the couch. What a relief when my dear friend, Heather, came to the rescue. Heather finally said it was a joke and gave my parents a ceremonial glass of wine when they succumb to a practical sorority joke.

The next day my glee club team came to me when my parents were listening to the College President talk about donations. My beloved friends actually said enjoy your time modeling while working for some large well known entertainment corporation in Florida. Mom and Dad then just stared at each other! Ultimately the college glee club sang a favorite Colorado Rocky Mountain High medley. Mom and Dad, the very best rents anyone could ever have, finally figured it out. They loved it. Graduation week was so much fun yet filled with endless tears. Despite myself initially despising most of these dorm and sorority gals with east coast culture, I knew in my heart I would miss them tremendously. It’s just time to move on. My rents even cried watching me leave college with such a wonderful exit! Neither of us felt we could survive four long years without each other. Somehow we managed. I didn’t come home often because of the large expense. Mom and Dad wanted me to pay for the bulk of college as a responsibility experience. Thus I was very frugal with all my purchases and certainly couldn’t maintain the pace of many dormy friends I hung around. Fortunately my living expenses are now cut considerably while living at home.

I am now truly back home in every way in Summit County, Colorado. I’ll be back for every college reunion because I love my college and will miss its snappy east coast students who are now alumni. I knew them well in every way; and now I’m surely crying thinking of crass Heather, my very first and only roommate and now forever friend. How are we to live without each other? A text is just not the same as true bumping elbows rating guys not just on looks, but overall appeal. There is an end to everything it seems. It’s odd to think that after my first alone hour in college I felt I might make a semester at best. Now it’s as if I cannot live without the college experience and camaraderie. Time, friendships and college lifestyle changed a potentially negative experience into a very positive part of my young adult life. Returning home now however is so very different compared to the day I left for my four year educational and social excursion. Mom seemingly gets it; however Dad seemingly thinks I’m still a baby in middle school. Mom realizes it will be tough to work and come home as a young adult lady instead of a high school tomboy. We’re both letting it ride and just so happy to reunite. I can’t worry about the stigma of inability to stand alone financially and socially after college. The reality is I’m broke with tremendous school debt. I need to be extremely frugal until I marry wealth, win the lottery or find gold deposits in our backyard that will yield cash. Our family has done some gold panning further upstream from our house; but our yields with this work won’t pay a college debt.

My buds from all over came to see me when I arrived back home in Summit County, Colorado. We had a joyous party on our parents back deck overlooking the Continental Divide. We have a very strong group of nine of us who hang and are “oh so close” in virtually all ways. This may seem very unusual to most 20 Somethings, but to my group (Downtown) it’s the small town way. My rents asked Downtown about dating and they all laughed and said we generally don’t do that. Dating is a generation ago thing! Chivalry sounds nice at times. Perhaps we’ve gone backwards socially. It would be nice to be confronted with a super cute nice guy who endears himself to you as a female. I don’t really see this happening with any of my friends. Guys latch up with girls very informally and it’s essentially the gal that makes a date out of the encounter.

Gone are the days of cotillion training with 18th century genteel social norms pervading. We had a small group within our choral and dance ensembles as youth that participated with the Colorado Springs Broadmoor group periodically. We actually practiced and had a ton of fun learning social etiquette, formal dances from centuries ago (cotillion was a social French dance), and social skills and character that plays a major role in modern life and business. I credit that with allowing me to have a superb interview and acquiring my present Fitted Bindings job. I’m a tomboy at heart, but still really love all the formalities of setting a table properly, knowing how to dance the waltz and fox trot and engaging and deterring social interaction intelligently. I can tactfully shut a guy or gal down in a heartbeat. On the other hand I can engage someone who may have a modest interest in speaking and enlighten them to a full conversation never expected. This formality with superior respect for song and dance is what really makes our forming 20 Something voice and light instrumental (capella) group really special. We’re a throwback to the Boomers, bring in Generation Xers who may have faint memories of this time and allow millennials to actually witness some song and dance history. There are few places if any where a lively group of nine 20 Somethings with really decent artistry bring back voices and dance from the past. We have our guys singing Dion, Frankie Avalon and Bobby Darin. Our gals similarly sing a few tunes from Pet Clark, Lesley Gore and my ultimate favorite Dionne Warwick. We sing all the modern present day tunes also such as Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna and everything in between these eras. However I’m always humming or singing the primordial origins of modern rock:

What do you get when you fall in love?
A guy with a pin to burst your bubble
That’s what you get for all your trouble
I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again

What do you get when you kiss a guy?
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia
After you do, he’ll never phone ya
I’ll never fall in love again
Don’t you know that I’ll never fall in love again

Don’t’ tell me what’s it all about
‘Cause I’ve been there and I’m glad I’m out
Out of those chains, those chains that bind you
That is why I’m here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get a life of pain and sorrow
So for at least until tomorrow
I’ll never fall in love again
No, no, I’ll never fall in love again

I’m out of those chains, those chains that bind you
That is why I’m here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get lies and pain and sorrow
So for at least until tomorrow
I’ll never fall in love again
Don’t you know that I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again

Downtown (our group of nine), just moves like a rugby scrum with 4 guys and 5 gals. All that guy and dating stuff will eventually come. It won’t be a formal calling at our house as in 200 years ago time. That would be nice, but I’d also enjoy a fly fishing endeavor down the Blue River or the east wall boarding excursion atop Arapahoe Basin. Presently I’m really into and highly enjoy our scrum of Summit County, Colorado returned 20 Somethings. I call Downtown guys the 4 J’s (Jason, Jarrod, Jayden, and Josh). The 4 Js are all so unbelievably cool in all ways. These guys have manners, athleticism, grace, very positive attitudes, and superb musical, dance and vocal talent. The 4 Js are my true inspiration. We grew up singing in chorals and learning dance together when it wasn’t cool for guys to be in dance and music class. It was only cool to be on the slopes extending your ski edges. The 4 Js are quite special, different and all good catches.

The girls are alphabetically: Aaron, a guy girl (Tomboy) soprano like me, except she has a lucky name that suits a guy or girl. Fannie is all about that Bee Gee tune. This guy crazy gal actually has a superior falsetto voice. It’s her all the way. We perform her tune all the time and are never sick of it. Jen has a beautiful alto voice meant for opera/television. A CD should be buried so the archaeologists can listen to her in the year 5000. Jen is an absolute 10 and I cannot fathom why she isn’t married with 3 kids yet. Finally tenor Sally, or Sal for short, is the female dancer and superb half pipe boarder of the group. No one can outdo her. She buried all of us in high school dance and trick boarding contests. Serendipity had us return after college, and we are well known around the area by everyone as “Downtown”. We do everything together from song and dance at any moment, provide a Downtown member a crying shoulder when something bad happens (like a dump) , and even provide needed friendship when a few late night runs at Keystone is required. Our theme is motivated by John Denver’s private experience at the Aspen Hospital. Few in Colorado and no one outside of our state realized that when a private plane crashed near Aspen a few years ago, four passengers were critically injured. They all recovered by Denver’s daily singing and practicing in their hospital rooms. All the trauma victims felt that John Denver’s singing was a strong part of their rehabilitation and therapy. Thus John Denver through music helped people. Our youthful song and dance group, Downtown, also emulates this high standard. Life without music is not a life!

It was not surprising that our family dog, Half-Pipe, was so excited to see me upon my return to Summit County, Colorado. I think he went potty all the way to the car and jumped on me. Half-Pipe couldn’t have been more zoned into me. We took him home from a box in a trash can my senior year in High School. Half-Pipe was an abandoned baby and now he’s a superb brilliant golden retriever who doesn’t bite. Half-Pipe was starving when we arrived, and I swear he did nothing but eat the first week home. He found a home at night in my bed. He has never left my bed according to Mom. He thinks I’m still there. In fact the first night home, he climbed into bed right next to me like I’d never gone to college. Half-Pipe is so cool. He knows I need sleep for my job and never wants up at night for food or bathroom needs. You can talk to him as if he’s a human guy who understands us crazy girls. I remember talking to him many nights attempting to reason guy relationships or family tuffs. Half-Pipe always would listen. Thus Half-Pipe is my needed counselor, companion, and “go to” guy for everything. He tags along with every Downtown activity including skiing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, snow shoeing, skating and mountain biking. He even waits in the car if Downtown is performing or practicing the well attended song and dance routines. Half-Pipe totally gets it. He is not a dog considered man’s best friend. Half-Pipe is a woman’s best friend. I am so fortunate to have such a protective companion who rarely is less than an inch from me excepting my work at Fitted Bindings. Half-Pipe and I are one. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m driving into work after just settling in and a juggernaut snowstorm hits us in the face at the very end of May. I’m thinking spring and summer clothes to model, maybe catching a run or two at A-Basin or Loveland before the ski season is done, and tuning up my Kayak for runs on the Eagle and Blue Rivers. We’re surprisingly having not just a foot of snow. It’s three to four feet of white powder. I’ve already received texts about meeting up in Montezuma past Keystone and snowshoeing when work gets done. All of Downtown will be there. I cannot miss that! Half-Pipe will automatically tag along. He absolutely loves the snow. I first need to pull off this multi shot summer modeling for these new creative all season backpacks with a sharp Hoodie. Wow! The back pack marketing guy from Los Angeles is stuck in Denver at DIA all day. The Eisenhower Tunnel on I70 is closed and I’m off with Downtown and Half-Pipe for some snowshoeing since Boss may close Fitted Bindings for employee safety. Maybe we can get to the top of the Continental Divide with many granola bars and plenty of water. I’ve got plenty of water at my feet from the mountain streams we pass. I always carry my attached water purifier. It may be tough just getting over to Montezuma, but the plow crew usually removes snow around Keystone well. There’s only a small stretch of unplowed road to arrive at the hiking path heading up the mountain to Montezuma Pass. I can’t wait because this is really why I returned to Summit County, Colorado. I’ll check in for work first in downtown Frisco. We’ve got a ton of fashion work to do ahead of this upcoming summer season. Once I hear some of Downtown is heading over to Montezuma Pass, then I’ll get in my antique 4×4 jeep and battle a couple snow drifts. Fitted Bindings also has a small office in Beaver Creek, Colorado, but I’m in no way traveling Vail Pass on I70 today. The growing sales store in Breckenridge is already closed due to the roads. I want to ensure that I’ve done everything possible for sales before I split to snowshoe.

I’m now at work in Frisco and Boss enters with a big grin. He says even he is heading up to Arapahoe Basin for the late season skiing today. The back bowls are still open. It will be powder city all day whether you board or ski. Boss tells me our company is getting excellent reviews on the new marketing and fashion since I started. Modernly it is shoot, video, edit and internet all. We’re already seeing summer sales from hiking boots to mountain caps from this modeling work completed just a week ago. Fitted Bindings is going “all out” with a line of outdoor and mountaineering equipment. I haven’t repelled in a couple years, but I’m certainly not holding back anything now that I’m finally home for good. I’m in Summit County, Colorado and I’m doing it all. I frankly know few in our group here who don’t do it all. My college dorm mates and sorority sisters couldn’t believe all our never ending Colorado outdoor stories. Most of their happenings in boarding schools were about guys, prom, money, family social standings and other cast coast stuff like beaches. My stories were about skiing at night, challenging the Blue River with class 4 rapids, catching an 18 inch brown trout with your last fly and mountain biking to Vail and back in a day. Most of my friends back East said I was too much of a tomboy. I wouldn’t fit in east of the Appalachian Mountains. I just shrugged and said I learned what my great Daddy taught me, was never veering and totally enjoyed experiencing the full spectrum of Summit County, Colorado. I just don’t need drugs coming from Summit County, Colorado. I just say no to guys right now and yes to the outdoors and my family. Life is really that simple so far. I only need to chip away at my school debt, ramp my career and continue to make more great friends.

Boss says we can even begin today shooting for next winter’s season since he’s in the mood with four feet of new powder coming down all at once. We’ll get to the LA photographer summer gear tomorrow when I70 reopens. I’m in the make – up room putting on a new very colorful ski jacket. This jacket is so warm, comes with a brilliant warm scarf and has side and back pockets for cell phone, keys and credit card. Fitted bindings also constructed a slot on this jacket for a tablet. Boss usually gives me what I fashion; however I certainly don’t ask for anything. It’s just not right because it’s not my money taking the risk of these new clothes. After this session which will take until 1 PM or so, I’ll get Half-Pipe some dog food, pick him up and head up to Montezuma Pass with Downtown. Our 5 girl and 4 guy musical group wants to start our summer musical performance season with an outdoor campfire performance in downtown Vail. That’s all cool but we need to practice. We’ll actually practice our capella pieces while snow shoeing today. We must not only be exact with our music, but be fit, lively and carry the music all the way to the listener’s bed that evening. Our audience must say that was the best song and dance performance they’d ever witnessed, the performance is lights out bar none, it’s the very best or we belong on Broadway. Anything less than a striving towards Broadway quality is bush league musically. Why sing and dance at all if you’re not trying to provide the listening and observing fan the best performance of your life?

I’m finally done and have received my new ski jacket. I may as well wear it snow shoeing today and potentially powder skiing tomorrow. The texts just keep coming. The road is tough, but everyone is heading up to Montezuma now. What a wonderful powdery snowy day it will be! I’m on everyone’s contact list for phone and texting as The Colorado Girl and not Alison Simpson. My rents now call me The Colorado Girl. Maybe that’s to keep me here until they die. That’s clearly totally cool and OK. I want family and am never leaving them for anything including money, a guy, or a job. I’m so happy I could easily burst being back home with my family and friends.

An archeology class digging up my diary a few thousand years from now after somebody survived an all out nuclear holocaust (hope not) or planet earthquake would pick up my diary book and say, “This is The Colorado Girl”. I do want someone to remember me, The Colorado Girl. Years after I’m dust I want someone to remember how happy I can be! I’m not arrogant. I’m actually rather humble. God gave me the brains of my Grandfather, the genetic apparently decent looks of Mom and Grandma and the athleticism of Dad. I can’t “blow it”, want to improve myself daily, have fun and enjoy the riches of what Summit County, Colorado has to offer amidst my family and God. I’m totally very fortunate and realize this every day. There was this guy freshman year that I walked to Calculus class with daily. He was an east coast whiz from Brooklyn, Sam Wells. We traded stories for a month, and he couldn’t get enough of my excitement discussing my youth in Summit County, Colorado. He was so interested in Colorado after my stories that he began telling the entire campus of my upbringing. We were throwing a football one afternoon. He met my roommate, Heather, who routinely termed me “The Colorado Girl”. I threw the pigskin 50 yards, and was immediately placed on one of the fraternity flag football teams. It was really no big deal because in Colorado the gals ski, board, snow shoe, fly fish and do all outdoor activities right with the guys. Sam Wells again made a production of this with my sorority sisters. I was socially inept and supposed to be racking up dates for the social season instead of playing football. I probably would have been booted out of sorority rush if the sorority really knew the tomboy, Alison Simpson. I was not a clear east coast fit for this sorority steeped in heavy alumni tradition. As a true outsider with zero family connections, I honestly thought I’d be rushed out of the sorority rush. Rather the girl’s fraternity of social climbing and scheming felt it was so cool to have “The Colorado Girl” as presented by Sam Wells in their unique social clique. I had to deal with a touch of scorn back in the dorm as some other gals with much more prominence than I flunked rush.

Interestingly the next week after being a touch homesick for Colorado and putting up with all these east coast snappy people, I was truly minding my own business in this impossible Calculus class when a bombshell happened. I’m trying to just get through this semester with inherited cognitive brain cells and grinding work ethic. In the middle of class the PHD Calculus professor says something like it appears we cannot solve this problem. Maybe we’ll get the answer from “The Colorado Girl” as he pointed directly at me. The entire lecture hall stood and stared at me. I was so embarrassed and started thinking of a way to escape home to Colorado that very millisecond. I could kill roommate Heather and friend Sam Wells. I however relied on my Dad’s and the cotillion’s so well instructed social and intellectual survival skills. I spit the answer back at the professor, and he nodded approval. A chant of “The Colorado Girl” went up with high fives and fist pumps. The name Alison Simpson is now reserved only for proper use such as a driver’s license, grade report or bank account. The Colorado Girl thing had really stuck. I had zero popularity before this name. Now I’ve gone from last to first place in the campus social popularity social structure. Suddenly over night as a frosh this entire campus began calling me, “The Colorado Girl”. It even spread back home to Summit County, Colorado. At first I actually fought this, but now I’m good with it because people mean well and have fun with the name. This name of “The Colorado Girl” stuck like glue that very day. This very name, “The Colorado Girl” has never left and will stay with me until I die. That’s why they call me “The Colorado Girl”. I’m good with the name.