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Colorado Girl Diary I available now

Not every young reader is looking for zombies, wizards or terror. Readers will embrace the healthy adventures of The Colorado Girl Diary set in the Colorado Rockies. This very special tomboy (Alison) and her dog Half-Pipe invite you into their world.

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Sportademics Announces The Colorado Girl Diary I available online

Colorado – Sportademics LLC has published The Colorado Girl Diary I. This young teen read is available for purchase immediately through Amazon.

Not every young reader is looking for zombies, wizards or terror. Readers will embrace the healthy adventures of The Colorado Girl Diary set in the Colorado Rockies.

This very special tomboy (Alison) recently returned to Summit County, Colorado after obtaining her liberal arts degree back east. She has a strong mind for business, music and dance, family, church and friendships dating to back preschool. Every girl in has a piece of The Colorado Girl within her. The Colorado Girl Diary I shares her innermost feelings in this story.

The Colorado Girl Diaries are stories with outdoor Colorado adventure, never ending music with rock history deeply embedded and family values/friendships/emotions. The everyday ups and downs of life occur as well throughout the book. A deep love story envelopes The Colorado Girl. The Colorado Girl, with her faithful dog, Half-Pipe,will take you to a refreshing, healthy Rocky Mountain high.

Excerpt from chapter 1:

People in Summit County, Colorado just flat out are really nice. I took this entire nicety for granted until I dealt with a ton of not so gracious dorm gals. I don’t intend to berate anyone, but Summit County, Colorado is clearly the ground zero of respect. Endless numbers of acquaintances and friends have visibly expressed to me in these cozy little communities of Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Montezuma, and Silverthorne how it’s wonderful that I’ve returned to our family abode. People I personally barely knew growing up in Summit County, Colorado have been friendly and gone out of their way to greet me upon my return home for good. I really appreciate their sincere feelings. It’s obvious I received a ton of niceties from home and took all this for granted while I was being raised by the best parents in the world. I’m glad to see the bare acquaintances I knew years ago reemerge. I’m just going home was my motto in my senior college year. Modeling in college and additionally being on a college ski team helped me obtain this unbelievable job with a new vibrant ski and outdoor gear business in Colorado, “Fitted Bindings.” I sent my application with an enlightening cozy smile picture on the alumni magazine after winning a dual meet with another east coast rival ski team. I’d be kidding if I didn’t think the picture had no effect on me obtaining the job. I received many calls from alumni wanting to hire me for jobs along the east coast after the alumni magazine had placed my photo with skis on the front cover. Unfortunately I was heading home. Heather, my four year former grumpy roommate, reluctantly with a smile said the picture was a killer. Now we’re texting multiple times on certain days. I really do miss her. She taught me how to act and survive on the east coast as I taught her how to ski and board properly on mushy icy Vermont and New Hampshire ski slopes. Despite her east coast attitude, Heather Seines was not a total zero.

The Colorado Girl can be ordered through Amazon.

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More About The Colorado Girl Diary I

Hello, I’m Alison Simpson. Everyone that knows me calls me “The Colorado Girl.” I’ve just arrived home post graduation from a small liberal arts college on the east coast. I’m living with my “rents.” These are my real biological married for life parents. I also have a 13-year-old brother, Alex. His friends started calling him X a couple of years ago, and it stuck. We are close buds for siblings. I missed X and my parents a ton while going through the college experience. It seems like a long journey, but I’m now finally back at home in Summit County, Colorado where I know I belong. I’m one of the 67% of college grads that apparently failed to launch properly. I wouldn’t live anywhere else right now. I don’t care if I’m the only person ever to move back home after college. I’m sincerely happy back in my family home in Summit County, Colorado. My family abode is my nest, and there is no place on earth like home. I just received my acclaimed college BA degree with a double major in business marketing as well as music. My third major was social media according to Mom and Dad. Arriving as a shy freshman and leaving a somewhat gregarious confident twentysomething (millennial) reveals that college for me provided strong interactive socialization. I didn’t talk much when I was admitted but was a blabber mouth when I left. Everyone bounced social and academic matters off me. It was whether to take this professor, dump this class or boyfriend, or take this job. Everyone in time leaned on me for advice. I enjoyed the attention and came from nowhere to become a college social queen. It seems college coeds and guys were attracted to me because I was not your normal every day college gal. I was a tomboy from the Rocky Mountains.

The inner chronological thoughts told as a personal twentysomething gal story is The Colorado Girl Diary I. The unparalleled excellence in performing soft rock genre of the past 3 generations with historical dance is quite exciting. Beginning as a “garage” band acappella style with arts learned since childhood, this guy and girl team of exceptional right brained millennials, known as Downtown, progresses with hard work in a barn recording studio into international notoriety. Downtown was labeled as a clique and twentysomething musical group by The Colorado Girl’s Dad after listening for years to Grandma and Mom hum and sing the #1 popular 1960s tune with Petula Clark (singer) and Tony Hatch (creator). The Colorado Girl Diary I ends as Downtown is besieged with agents, a need to move to a bigger stage and potentially leaving their childhood homes within Summit County, Colorado. Please read and enjoy how close a childhood group returning post-college can actually become inseverable. The sheer enjoyment of music, arts, friendships, outdoor sports, church, and mission in life that The Colorado Girl and her Downtown members live daily is quite impressive. Enjoy the reading and strive to carry a part of The Colorado Girl with you daily.



The Colorado Girl can be ordered through Amazon