The Colorado Girl Diary II, Day 4

I received a call last evening from Heather Seines, my first and dear college roommate. I broke down and cried a river of tears after hearing her story. Heather was married and this fell apart due to a multiplicity of factors. She was nearly walking down the aisle again and her fiancé broke the marriage promise just prior to the wedding. The church was nearly full and Heather appeared beautiful. Thus, it almost worked but it didn’t. Heather was embarrassed, shamed and very depressed. The entire church felt bad and since the food was ordered, the patrons at the wedding ate and danced anyway without the married couple. There really is no proper manner of handling this situation at the last second.

Heather suddenly showed up at the reception wearing post wedding reception attire. She then met a really nice guy and they danced all evening. It was a wonderful event for her; and the guests all incurred a beautiful evening fortunately. The original fiancé wants back in (that’s why the phone call). I said no under all circumstances. It is over; and he’ll likely do it again. If he’s not sure by now, he’ll never be sure. The new guy and Heather are dating considerably; and she doesn’t know whether to jump into another long term relationship. I calmly said many things occur for nonsensical reasons. We are now texting and emailing a ton. I share her frustration. I will cry because I’m both sad and happy for Heather Seines. I’ve been there before myself; and lost my near fiancé to a medical institution. Life isn’t perfect. All I readily know and understand is that I’m not budging with friends/family, job, Colorado and my faith.

I smoked trout hors d’ oeuvres for Dad and Alex last evening. These were yummy. I’m still getting somewhat acquainted with Dad’s new girlfriend from Denver. She’s an actress, composer of music and violinist from Denver. She is a free spirit and loves Summit County, Colorado. She seems good for Dad and I ask him whether I need to move out ASAP. Dad responds that everything is cool. Everything is cool except The Colorado Girl (me). Admittedly I’m jealous and want my Mom back in our house. I need to move on; but it is mentally grueling and very tough at times. Life will never be the same and I need to adapt. Who knows what God has in store for our lives? I want it all; and I fully realize I have it here in Summit County, Colorado.

I’m purposefully not asking Fannie’s doctor (Dad) about Fannie’s condition. I do sense that something abnormal may occur with the birth of the baby. She is closing in on 39 weeks and will definitely have a Caesarean Section. I’m neutral regarding her dilemma of not knowing the sex. I want the best for her and her beau. Life throws everyone curve balls. I sincerely hope Fannie’s baby isn’t one of these curve balls. I’m driving home from work half laughing and crying. I think of Mom and hum her song:

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty How can you lose? The lights are much brighter there You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares