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Colorado Fall

It is finally REAL fall in Colorado. The Aspens are brilliant, the streams are a touch slower and bears are eating everything pending hibernation. It is wonderful in Colorado this time of year. I’m bummed about the Rockies and Broncos presently; but am optimistic. “Downtown” our twenty-something dance/song group is performing tomorrow in church. I’ve been blessed with wonderful family and friends, health and a great job (Fitted Bindings). Our startup ski company has done nothing but escalate business. My boyfriend situation is another matter. Tomorrow our Downtown group of 4 guys and 5 gals is hiking the Continental Divide. Snow is coming next week; so this will be our last non snowshoe trek. Stay in tune with your family/friends. It’s OK to be choosy with whom you associate. Make certain you have the right guy or gal in a relationship to make it last. Keep just doing good things, interact in a positive manner and never allow a negative vibe get you depressed more than a few minutes. Enjoy the fall in Colorado as I continue to write my diary. Enjoy The Colorado Girl Diary I on Amazon. Discover outdoor Colorado, twenty-something relationships with an athletic/artsy group that will last forever and the power of social media to influence the world POSITIVELY. Love life! Co Girl

Summer in Colorado

While kayaking down the Blue River below the Dillon Dam today, one of my best friends seriously asked me about never talking to her Mom again. Her Mom is super critical of everything she does, dates, and wears. My best friend is totally normal in all ways; and her Mom is a generation ago (now it’s measured by 2-3 generations because of all the advancements in everything). My advice as I rec. to my clients at Fitted Bindings is to sit tight, UNDER REACT, be friendly, inform Mom of the good things in your life and TALK to her. My best friends is NOT pg., NOT on drugs, has a job and a nice guy who works very hard and loves her. Tune in to Mom instead of running. Go to Denver shopping, take a hike up one of the 14ers or Colorado Trail, or have a simple outdoor picnic. I know clients that haven’t spoken to family members in years; and they are taking that to their grave. It is NOT worth it! Do what God or your faith would tell you to do – no matter how difficult. Love life. Co Girl

Kayak Season

Lots of rain and occasionally some high elevation snow has led to a superb kayaking this year. Downtown, our twenty-something song/dance group, has led the way with many new recruits enjoying trips down the Blue, Snake and Eagle rivers. We’ve paddled some feeding streams additionally. Love it !! Co Girl

Name of Song/Dance Group “Downtown”

Boomers will remember the # 1 tune by composed by Tony Hatch and sung by Petula Clark. My dad termed our group after listening to Mom/Grandma sing this song all day long. Love it! It’s throughout The Colorado Girl Diary I

Dog Days of Summer

Rockies are falling out of the sky. Maybe a resurgence to get into the playoffs. We’re barely the second wild card team presently after such a great start. It would be such a great thing for all of Colorado to get into MLB playoffs and win a World Series. Thoughts?

Summer fun!!

Weather seems heaven at the US Open Golf Tournament in Wi.. We’ll be there this weekend. Great way to spend time with family, friends, boyfriend? Keep reading about me (The Colorado Girl Diary I). Co Girl