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The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 36

Presently, I’m quite frustrated. My supposed boyfriend, GregHanisch MD in The Springs hasn’t seen me for 3 weeks. We’ve talked about marriage, kids, and gobs of other family stuff. He’s incredibly successful and apparently so am I. Fitted Bindings has multiple long Asian trips planned for me to market many goodies from their company. Our corporate partner in Seoul, South Korea wants me to move there. The Asian Colorado Girl just didn’t workfor a multitude or reasons. I cannot speak any Asian language, but many of themare speaking English fortunately. The Greg thing still bothers me. Most of thisis my fault because after Mom died I wanted space and time. Dad agreed, andthen Greg gave me plenty of space. Now, he seems almost disinterested. Lifeisn’t perfect. Maybe I’ll talk to Dad; but he’ll think I’m over reacting. I’mcrying, but need to get to work.

I arrive at work and there are plenty of dressy clothed guys and gals. They want a piece of me for a magazine advertisement. I’m clearly not in the mood. However, this is part of my job. I think I could be waiting tables and a part-time ski instructor or ski patrol for minimum wages. Quit feeling sorry for yourself; and move on. Call Greg and meet half way in South Park or Hartsel, Colorado. Perhaps Woodland Park would be better. There are some restaurants, nightlife, and craft breweries. there. Woodland Park, Colorado has an outdoor skating rink with excellent youth hockey. I contributed to the roof for the facility. Additionally, Woodland Park as a small town has a fabulous year-round waterpark. The problem is driving because Colorado laws don’t allow anything over 0.6 alcohol (a beer). This is probably very good for safety; butnot so good for socialization. I’ll figure it out.

The visitors from an upcoming new magazine and brand wanted to feature Fitted Bindings and myself. They had a few intriguing ideas. They were very thoughtful and market-oriented. Boss listened to them and will report to corporate headquarters in Seoul. Exposure is always quite beneficial. I would expect the positive press we’d receive beyond social media would help sales and promote the overall company image. We have quite a few men’s items and the subject has arisen regarding having a Colorado Guy line. Presently, I’m marketing much of the outdoor equipment and simple clothes. That will need to end because I’m obtaining comments far in excess of what I deserve. I have an image to maintain; but presently deep underneath this image is me wanting to get married like Fannie, have kids and settle. Much of these feelings have been brewing for weeks. Women do begin to concern themselves with this biologic clock; but you don’t marry just to be married. I want a life-long companion in all ways. I’ll call Greg.

Greg’s cell phone is answered by the circulating nurse at Penrose Hospital. She reports Greg is in long case with another to follow and will be here half the evening. At least Greg scrubs out and says he misses me tremendously and we’ll meet in Woodland Park over the next couple of days. Thatis refreshing and powerful. I’m certain every nurse in that hospital is chasing him; but sorry, he’s totally taken. I feel refreshed as the magazine people stay and the customers flow in. Backpacks, fly rods and clothes come off the racks. The bindings for the skis are selling well. We technically attach the bindings to the skis in the back; but are considering subcontracting the service. We do it correctly; however, someone else may not. Fitting on skis our special “hug the boot and ski” bindings for speed, endurance, grace and tactical needs is critical. There is considerable legal liability with ski and board bindings.  Olympians from throughout the world are using our bindings. This is proof that our company will work long term. We have under development more secure bindings, new skis for stability, bumps and extreme turns. This is easily the most enlightening aspect of Fitted Bindings.

I receive a text from Fannie. The family is on their way to Denver to have the baby examined again. This will never end; but apparently according to my great doctor Dad, it’s best that they settle in their minds that the baby is normal. Bennett Wilder V will be the most examined baby inhistory. I smile and think of Mom, Greg and my intact family. Social media hasimpressed me with endless stories of social strife and despair. I want it theother way; but must constantly work at family/boyfriend stuff. I’m alwayshumming Downtown like Mom and Grandma:

Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle boss a nova
You’ll be dancing with ’em too before the night is over
Happy again
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go
Where all the lights are bright
Waiting for you tonight
You’re gonna be alright now

The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 34

Yesterday was a long day without Boss to assist. I was running constantly with no breaks or food. I ended up falling asleep last night on the couch in front of the fireplace. Dad’s cold is better and he’s back to work after taking a couple hours off. I knew he’d return to work. I love my Dad but he’s impracticable with work. I have similar high work ethics also. Thus, I’m not wanting to change my habits if I love my work and job. I’ll probably relax when I’m 80 years of age. We sold a near record amount of mountain gear today. Everything from backpacks to skis went out the door. I talked endless to many clients and have their heart in mind. Someone asked about Boss; and it’s already on the internet that he has severe pericarditis (inflammation of the heart). Fanny came over this evening and wanted to talk about everything. I’m so exhausted; but it is good to see her. She’s patching her relationship for now; but you never know.

Mom’s ski group wants me to teach Saturday afternoon. I was planning on working; but Hadley Finckstein can sub. Hadley with her voice, looks and appeal could easily be The Colorado Girl. If people discovered her financial trust, everyone would want her. She is such a great friend. We help each other immensely and are always texting. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The four Downtown guys (Jason, Jarrod, Josh and Jacob) are always contacting me for their advice, needs and friendship. The interaction with them has been tremendous. These guys are always there when needed. It is such a privilege to have such talented, athletic guys in our backyard and part of our song/dance group. Performing with these guys is so smooth, exciting and fun. We also go back to preschool and kindergarten. It is highly unusual to have these guys for friends for life. I’m so fortunate.

Boss calls me and thanks me for the double-duty job. I said I brought in some ancillary help for the front and back of the store. I’m behind on social media immensely. I can barely conquer what I need to do in front of me; but acknowledge that the social media works for Fitted Bindings. Boss is quite good with how everything is going and will return home tomorrow. He’ll probably work despite instructions to the contrary. The true test of how Fitted Bindings is doing is the immense amount of returning customers. This makes Boss very excited. I’m thrilled also because our marketing has caused hundreds to explore Colorado. This is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There are endless outdoor activities to become actively involved within our state. Despite not skiing, many from all over the world are attracted to our smallmountain towns to ski and enjoy the Rockies.

I finally arrive home and feel like playing rounds of Bach’s Praeludium. This is the core of all music essentially with harmonic chords in many keys. The chords are repeated in a choral tonality using the right pedal to enhance the musicality. I’m back when I have time to enhancing my piano skills and learning within my ability. The keyboard is a life-ling learning project; which is never completed. I love the piano dearly because Mom dragged me to lessons by the teeth. Once I began studying the piano, I learned is was a choice of improving or becoming an average music drop- out. Life without music is hardly worth living. It’s hard to maintain my piano skills ahead of my parents. Both were avid pianists who played intensely. I cannot wait to hear some of our original Colorado Girl music on the piano. It will soar to immense entertainment value hopefully. Am I dreaming?

I notice Half-Pipe, my blood-hound and Golden mix, yearning for bed. She curls up by me feet and falls asleep before myself. This gal puppy, though sometimes I call her a guy, is a true (none-better) long-termbuddy and friend.

The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 30

Today was a dreadful day. Half-Pipe, my faithful puppy, had diarrhea and vomiting. I was late for work after taking him to Dr. Teddy, the local veterinarian. We are on small sips of liquids; and it this doesn’t work; Half-Pipe gets an intravenous infusion and overnight stay at the veterinarian hospital. Hopefully, Half-Pipe will pull out of this clinical setback. I went home in the middle of the day on lunch half hour to check on my baby pup. She seemed somewhat better. Dad (Family Doctor) says this will run its course. Maybe a light run tonight after work will work. I want the best for my puppy; and she’ll obtain love and affection when I’m around. Dad will evaluate her when he comes home tonight. He may be late because of the hospital staff meeting. These are very political and can last forever. Dad says he’ll find a window and break away. I want Dad’s opinion again before I go to bed tonight because Half-Pipe was quite ill last evening and I didn’t obtain any sleep.

Fanny called again regarding the breast feeding. The family wants a Mayo Clinic opinion regarding the breast feeding. They are acting as if the baby (Bennett Wilder V) will die without breast milk. He’s already had 3.5 months of breastfeeding; and is clinically in the norms regarding growth and development. Fanny is super in love with Dad; and I’m sure she had no idea the baggage of a pesky Mom in law. This is well hidden prior to a marriage. I’ve had many social media clients complain about their Moms in law. There is no answer except to gracefully ignore them. At some point the daughter in law must inform the mother-in -law nicely that her family is different than her family was at this age. There is a generational difference; and she needs to recede and allow Bennett and Fanny to make adult decisions about child rearing. I can’t get over the frenum cutting to allow a better suck for the baby. Dad hears this stuff constantly and ignores stupidity. It makes sense for Fanny to chill Bennett’s mother; otherwise there will be expectations beyond reason forever.

I sold a Colorado Girl sweater and scarf to a couple from Maine today. Shortly thereafter, we had no stock of that very color and size. A gal from Kansas City, Kansas was upset. She started taking it out on me for not having inventory and traveling 12 hours to visit our Fitted Bindings store. I get that; but there appeared to be something more wrong with the gal. Apparently, she was dumped a week ago after a lengthy relationship and engagement. Her fiancé fell in love with someone else while the wedding was being planned. These facts all surfaced when I confronted her and said I’d send the sweater and scarf home to Kansas with a Colorado Girl beanie at no freight cost. Boss is barely Ok with this; however. I need to maintain clients’ happiness.

The store was quite busy and the Kansas girl wanted a counseling session. I kept checking out other customers and she wouldn’t leave; nor wouldn’t quit talking. It was dreadful; and I tried to be nice and console her. Many families were passing through as she spilled her beans. One middle aged Mom finally said the answer for you is my son. He was also dumped from a serious relationship in Wichita, Kansas. I was so busy; and then I instructed the sobbing gal to take the Mom with the dumped son advice. We already have exchanged cell numbers and Facebook accounts; and will chat on Google. She finally left uplifted. Relationships are so critical to young gals; and when they’re broken it descends into hell. Ultimately, it generally proves that the fractured relationship was for a better long-term outcome.

The snow is finally coming to Summit County today in bunches. Traveling home with my new jeep should not be a problem. I live to ski and be a vibrant Twenty-Something. I’m glad I’m home and become weepy thinking about Mom. What would it be like if she was here? I’d be married probably by now, maybe pregnant and be more settled. Happiness is elusive. I’m committed to finding joy on earth. I hum a few lines of Mom’s and Grandma’s Downtown theme.


When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go
Things will be great when you’re
No finer place for sure
Everything’s waiting for you

Indian Summer in Colorado

The warmth of mid 60s weather caught all of us by surprise. Downtown (our 20 Something song/dance group) is having considerable fun kayaking the Eagle River in Vail today. Yesterday after work I cycled near the Continental Divide. Last few days of Indian Summer are upon us with snow coming Tuesday. Slopes are now open and growing with clients. Get my diary on Love life. Co Girl 

Skiing is upon us all in Colorado

I was escorted by my new puppy on an early morning hike today. I loved the crisp mid fall air and the progressive snow coming down all around the mountains (beautiful site). It won’t be long before we’re having drifts. Skiing awaits us all in Summit County, Colorado. I’ve sold a ton of new skis at Fitted Bindings, my start up and advancing ski store. We’re got practice for Downtown (our song/dance 20 Something group of 9). tonight. Working on the Colorado Girl Musical. Stay with me by purchasing The Colorado Girl Diary I on Amazon. Great gift and great clean reading. Love life. Co Girl.

Colorado Fall

It is finally REAL fall in Colorado. The Aspens are brilliant, the streams are a touch slower and bears are eating everything pending hibernation. It is wonderful in Colorado this time of year. I’m bummed about the Rockies and Broncos presently; but am optimistic. “Downtown” our twenty-something dance/song group is performing tomorrow in church. I’ve been blessed with wonderful family and friends, health and a great job (Fitted Bindings). Our startup ski company has done nothing but escalate business. My boyfriend situation is another matter. Tomorrow our Downtown group of 4 guys and 5 gals is hiking the Continental Divide. Snow is coming next week; so this will be our last non snowshoe trek. Stay in tune with your family/friends. It’s OK to be choosy with whom you associate. Make certain you have the right guy or gal in a relationship to make it last. Keep just doing good things, interact in a positive manner and never allow a negative vibe get you depressed more than a few minutes. Enjoy the fall in Colorado as I continue to write my diary. Enjoy The Colorado Girl Diary I on Amazon. Discover outdoor Colorado, twenty-something relationships with an athletic/artsy group that will last forever and the power of social media to influence the world POSITIVELY. Love life! Co Girl

Summer in Colorado

While kayaking down the Blue River below the Dillon Dam today, one of my best friends seriously asked me about never talking to her Mom again. Her Mom is super critical of everything she does, dates, and wears. My best friend is totally normal in all ways; and her Mom is a generation ago (now it’s measured by 2-3 generations because of all the advancements in everything). My advice as I rec. to my clients at Fitted Bindings is to sit tight, UNDER REACT, be friendly, inform Mom of the good things in your life and TALK to her. My best friends is NOT pg., NOT on drugs, has a job and a nice guy who works very hard and loves her. Tune in to Mom instead of running. Go to Denver shopping, take a hike up one of the 14ers or Colorado Trail, or have a simple outdoor picnic. I know clients that haven’t spoken to family members in years; and they are taking that to their grave. It is NOT worth it! Do what God or your faith would tell you to do – no matter how difficult. Love life. Co Girl

Kayak Season

Lots of rain and occasionally some high elevation snow has led to a superb kayaking this year. Downtown, our twenty-something song/dance group, has led the way with many new recruits enjoying trips down the Blue, Snake and Eagle rivers. We’ve paddled some feeding streams additionally. Love it !! Co Girl