The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 36

Presently, I’m quite frustrated. My supposed boyfriend, GregHanisch MD in The Springs hasn’t seen me for 3 weeks. We’ve talked about marriage, kids, and gobs of other family stuff. He’s incredibly successful and apparently so am I. Fitted Bindings has multiple long Asian trips planned for me to market many goodies from their company. Our corporate partner in Seoul, South Korea wants me to move there. The Asian Colorado Girl just didn’t workfor a multitude or reasons. I cannot speak any Asian language, but many of themare speaking English fortunately. The Greg thing still bothers me. Most of thisis my fault because after Mom died I wanted space and time. Dad agreed, andthen Greg gave me plenty of space. Now, he seems almost disinterested. Lifeisn’t perfect. Maybe I’ll talk to Dad; but he’ll think I’m over reacting. I’mcrying, but need to get to work.

I arrive at work and there are plenty of dressy clothed guys and gals. They want a piece of me for a magazine advertisement. I’m clearly not in the mood. However, this is part of my job. I think I could be waiting tables and a part-time ski instructor or ski patrol for minimum wages. Quit feeling sorry for yourself; and move on. Call Greg and meet half way in South Park or Hartsel, Colorado. Perhaps Woodland Park would be better. There are some restaurants, nightlife, and craft breweries. there. Woodland Park, Colorado has an outdoor skating rink with excellent youth hockey. I contributed to the roof for the facility. Additionally, Woodland Park as a small town has a fabulous year-round waterpark. The problem is driving because Colorado laws don’t allow anything over 0.6 alcohol (a beer). This is probably very good for safety; butnot so good for socialization. I’ll figure it out.

The visitors from an upcoming new magazine and brand wanted to feature Fitted Bindings and myself. They had a few intriguing ideas. They were very thoughtful and market-oriented. Boss listened to them and will report to corporate headquarters in Seoul. Exposure is always quite beneficial. I would expect the positive press we’d receive beyond social media would help sales and promote the overall company image. We have quite a few men’s items and the subject has arisen regarding having a Colorado Guy line. Presently, I’m marketing much of the outdoor equipment and simple clothes. That will need to end because I’m obtaining comments far in excess of what I deserve. I have an image to maintain; but presently deep underneath this image is me wanting to get married like Fannie, have kids and settle. Much of these feelings have been brewing for weeks. Women do begin to concern themselves with this biologic clock; but you don’t marry just to be married. I want a life-long companion in all ways. I’ll call Greg.

Greg’s cell phone is answered by the circulating nurse at Penrose Hospital. She reports Greg is in long case with another to follow and will be here half the evening. At least Greg scrubs out and says he misses me tremendously and we’ll meet in Woodland Park over the next couple of days. Thatis refreshing and powerful. I’m certain every nurse in that hospital is chasing him; but sorry, he’s totally taken. I feel refreshed as the magazine people stay and the customers flow in. Backpacks, fly rods and clothes come off the racks. The bindings for the skis are selling well. We technically attach the bindings to the skis in the back; but are considering subcontracting the service. We do it correctly; however, someone else may not. Fitting on skis our special “hug the boot and ski” bindings for speed, endurance, grace and tactical needs is critical. There is considerable legal liability with ski and board bindings.  Olympians from throughout the world are using our bindings. This is proof that our company will work long term. We have under development more secure bindings, new skis for stability, bumps and extreme turns. This is easily the most enlightening aspect of Fitted Bindings.

I receive a text from Fannie. The family is on their way to Denver to have the baby examined again. This will never end; but apparently according to my great doctor Dad, it’s best that they settle in their minds that the baby is normal. Bennett Wilder V will be the most examined baby inhistory. I smile and think of Mom, Greg and my intact family. Social media hasimpressed me with endless stories of social strife and despair. I want it theother way; but must constantly work at family/boyfriend stuff. I’m alwayshumming Downtown like Mom and Grandma:

Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle boss a nova
You’ll be dancing with ’em too before the night is over
Happy again
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go
Where all the lights are bright
Waiting for you tonight
You’re gonna be alright now