The Colorado Girl Diary II Day 34

Yesterday was a long day without Boss to assist. I was running constantly with no breaks or food. I ended up falling asleep last night on the couch in front of the fireplace. Dad’s cold is better and he’s back to work after taking a couple hours off. I knew he’d return to work. I love my Dad but he’s impracticable with work. I have similar high work ethics also. Thus, I’m not wanting to change my habits if I love my work and job. I’ll probably relax when I’m 80 years of age. We sold a near record amount of mountain gear today. Everything from backpacks to skis went out the door. I talked endless to many clients and have their heart in mind. Someone asked about Boss; and it’s already on the internet that he has severe pericarditis (inflammation of the heart). Fanny came over this evening and wanted to talk about everything. I’m so exhausted; but it is good to see her. She’s patching her relationship for now; but you never know.

Mom’s ski group wants me to teach Saturday afternoon. I was planning on working; but Hadley Finckstein can sub. Hadley with her voice, looks and appeal could easily be The Colorado Girl. If people discovered her financial trust, everyone would want her. She is such a great friend. We help each other immensely and are always texting. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The four Downtown guys (Jason, Jarrod, Josh and Jacob) are always contacting me for their advice, needs and friendship. The interaction with them has been tremendous. These guys are always there when needed. It is such a privilege to have such talented, athletic guys in our backyard and part of our song/dance group. Performing with these guys is so smooth, exciting and fun. We also go back to preschool and kindergarten. It is highly unusual to have these guys for friends for life. I’m so fortunate.

Boss calls me and thanks me for the double-duty job. I said I brought in some ancillary help for the front and back of the store. I’m behind on social media immensely. I can barely conquer what I need to do in front of me; but acknowledge that the social media works for Fitted Bindings. Boss is quite good with how everything is going and will return home tomorrow. He’ll probably work despite instructions to the contrary. The true test of how Fitted Bindings is doing is the immense amount of returning customers. This makes Boss very excited. I’m thrilled also because our marketing has caused hundreds to explore Colorado. This is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There are endless outdoor activities to become actively involved within our state. Despite not skiing, many from all over the world are attracted to our smallmountain towns to ski and enjoy the Rockies.

I finally arrive home and feel like playing rounds of Bach’s Praeludium. This is the core of all music essentially with harmonic chords in many keys. The chords are repeated in a choral tonality using the right pedal to enhance the musicality. I’m back when I have time to enhancing my piano skills and learning within my ability. The keyboard is a life-ling learning project; which is never completed. I love the piano dearly because Mom dragged me to lessons by the teeth. Once I began studying the piano, I learned is was a choice of improving or becoming an average music drop- out. Life without music is hardly worth living. It’s hard to maintain my piano skills ahead of my parents. Both were avid pianists who played intensely. I cannot wait to hear some of our original Colorado Girl music on the piano. It will soar to immense entertainment value hopefully. Am I dreaming?

I notice Half-Pipe, my blood-hound and Golden mix, yearning for bed. She curls up by me feet and falls asleep before myself. This gal puppy, though sometimes I call her a guy, is a true (none-better) long-termbuddy and friend.