Summer in Colorado

While kayaking down the Blue River below the Dillon Dam today, one of my best friends seriously asked me about never talking to her Mom again. Her Mom is super critical of everything she does, dates, and wears. My best friend is totally normal in all ways; and her Mom is a generation ago (now it’s measured by 2-3 generations because of all the advancements in everything). My advice as I rec. to my clients at Fitted Bindings is to sit tight, UNDER REACT, be friendly, inform Mom of the good things in your life and TALK to her. My best friends is NOT pg., NOT on drugs, has a job and a nice guy who works very hard and loves her. Tune in to Mom instead of running. Go to Denver shopping, take a hike up one of the 14ers or Colorado Trail, or have a simple outdoor picnic. I know clients that haven’t spoken to family members in years; and they are taking that to their grave. It is NOT worth it! Do what God or your faith would tell you to do – no matter how difficult. Love life. Co Girl